All COVID-19 pandemic propaganda is based on saving old people’s lives, but turns out that they are used as test animals. The idea about it came after I found out that people in care homes are forced to take the COVID-19 vaccine and many die after it. The video below reports that about 25% of the people in care home died while 36 % have severe adverse effects.—Whistleblower-report:f

There are reports that this is happening in other care homes in Germany and all over the world. Check the already deleted but saved in web.archive thread about similar cases.

What is strange from the first look here is that it’s like about 50% die or have severe adverse reactions and 50 % are fine. It has an explanation – the unaffected 50% had a placebo. This is clinical research. All COVID-19 vaccines are in the early clinical trial stage. 

The army presence, the lack of care from doctors who administer vaccines and who don’t ask if the person has allergies or takes medications, the force shows something even more dangerous.

Old people weren’t killed, they were culled.

Their eyes were full of fear as a cattle. They weren’t treated as humans. They were violated in the most disgusting way. Their last days were spent in fear and the ones who survived saw it. Care homes personnel are forced to be robots who feed the lab rats or the cattle. 

We don’t save the lives of old. We let governments and the World Health Organisation to cull them and deny their basic human rights!

After months of isolation (sterile environment is best for the experiments) and dehumanization, the last point of the plan is done by the help of military in case someone decides to not obey.

People should think about the fact that vaccines for COVID-19 bring billions to many key figures in this world. For them we, the regular people are nothing. Our life is nothing. 

We are more than them. We should speak up because the vaccine passports are coming. Forced vaccination is around the corner. 

Don’t be fooled by the official reports about the vaccines. Mass vaccination is more than 50 % placebo. To cover up death rate and adverse effects from one side, and to show that since the first “dose” may not work people need second or third.

This is well planned but as every plan has weak points. Every person who questions it is one. 

Don’t be afraid! Speak up. Show the video, show the reports, show the links from which you could find below. All COVID-19 vaccines clinical trials will end in 2023!

Janssen COVID-19 vaccine

AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine

BioNTech – Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

As I explained in a previous blog there is a reason that vaccine research takes time. Several months are not enough. Well tested vaccines are good. I am all for all medical treatment that helps but what happens with COVID-19 vaccines is the opposite. It is criminal!

If you don’t want to be a cattle don’t let it be treated like cattle. Protect vulnerable, but not by staying home. That is what is wanted by the people who earn billions from vaccines: No contacts. No action.  Go to the nearest care home and ask questions. Speak up now because soon there wouldn’t be anyone who will for you!