Best kept secret – how many people actually died from COVID-19?

Updated on August 30 2021

COVID-19 death rate is in the news every day but yet there isn’t a clear definition of what is COVID-19 death. That is true – we don’t actually know how many people died from COVID-19.
According to the World Health Organization a COVID-19 death is defined as a death resulting from a clinically compatible illness in a probable or confirmed COVID-19 case. It means that COVID-19 death could be anything. Also since despite obviously wrong people who test positive, but don’t have symptoms are still called cases. If they die, they are counted as COVID19 deaths even when clearly dying from an alternative cause. Keep in mind that there aren’t any COVID-19 specific symtoms so if COVID-19 death is based on symptoms it could be anything. Here is a evidence from multiple sources.

Germany – most of the people who are counted as COVID-19 deaths aren’t COVID-19 deaths. Death rate is very low.

What does what you read above mean? It means one and only thing. COVID-19 death rate is overestimated. All numbers you hear every day for over a year are wrong. Think about it again: if someone tests positive and dies from an accident is a COVID-19 death. We don’t know how many people actually died from COVID-19. If you hear or read somewhere, ask the source how many are really COVID-19 not with a positive test. Health authorities must answer it. They get away with it from such a long time and pushing inhumane agenda of making us practically slaves with no right to decide what’s good for our health.

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  1. […] > This one is just a crime by the governments which count as the same “COVID-19 death with positive test” and “COVID-19 death caused by the virus”. Of course it isn’t the same and first should not be in the COVID-19 death statistics. *Due the pressure of people like me it starts to change. […]


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