Thanks to the propaganda by the World Health Organization, media and governments, we are getting used to accepting ourselves as plaque spreading vermin. It was already applied by well known tyrannical systems from the near past and it is anti-science.  Several studies including one with 10 million participants are proving that asymptomatic spread of SARS-CoV-2 is quite unlikely. There is nothing surprising in it. It’s how nature works.  Respiratory viruses can make you infectious (means you can spread the virus) if they enter your body but the immune system doesn’t stop them. This is when you get sick and have symptoms. If you don’t have symptoms, the virus doesn’t multiply (replicate) in your body so there is no way to spread it by the result of this replication – sneezing and coughing. You must have a virus which isn’t neutralized immediately by your immune system to sneeze and cough. This also helps the spread of the virus. Nature’s way to keep viruses going (maybe). With other words if you don’t sneeze, and cough, the virus doesn’t multiply and cannot infect other people. As I mentioned above it was also confirmed by scientific studies. The basic science rule of having proof about something before claiming it exists just broke with COVID-19 hysteria. Science and reason died in 2019. Again if you are healthy, you cannot spread COVID-19. I should have written ‘novel coronavirus’ or ‘SARS-CoV-2’ but the disease name is used as the name of the virus. Almost every day I explain the obvious and still many people believe in the opposite. Propaganda supported by the people who benefit from the pandemic works and makes people unable to understand facts. I am trying my best here. Hope will help. What I wrote above also means that healthy people don’t need to be tested. It is damaging especially for the kids who aren’t even affected by it. So if they don’t get it they cannot spread it. Tests as well cannot tell if someone has a virus. If you have more questions feel free to ask on 

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Since the middle of 2021 there was another tendency trying to scare people – variants. Truth is that sequencing can’t say if there is any functional change in the virus. The changes as well are likely due the random errors of sequencing.

“It’s almost impossible to tell from the sequence whether there has been a functional change in the virus.”

Dr Christian Drosten – author of the first SARS-CoV sequence and the SARS-CoV-2 PCR test.

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