Living in NS state Diary Part I

It was a long day. I was just sitting with my daughter in the train when saw 3 big police officers. They were asking for health status. I didn’t have it. I am not a danger to anyone. I don’t even need to show it to them since it’s against the law in their own country. Yet, I was terrified.

What do I do?

Wait and tell the truth or challenge them? What if they are brainwashed? What if they arrest me? What will happen with my little child until my husband gets to us?

I looked around. I didn’t see humans but masked creatures. They were obeying. They wouldn’t help me.

What do I do?

What do I do?????

I want to show how strong I am, but I am just a mother with a little child in a foreign country. I don’t have money for legal fees. I am alone surrounded by people without faces…..

So many questions ran through my mind. I acted by instinct: the mother one. I said to the kid: We need to get out of there. We just ran away before police noticed us. My daughter asked why we are getting off when isn’t our stop, I murmured: We need to get something from here. I didn’t tell her the truth. She is still too young and what already experienced is too much anyways. She is just a child and I would do anything to protect her….

We got on a bus. There is less likely to see police. It was only several stops. Very long stops. I was looking at every stop if I would see a sign of the police. I was on a run! I was a fugitive, because I refuse to be accepted as a plague spreading vermin; because I believe that nobody has right to inject me or my family with experimental medical products…. I felt so lost and alone.

We finally got off. We made it today. What do we do tomorrow?

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