Living in NS state Diary Part II

On the way to my local store, I usually need to pass a small squire. Today I noticed some kind of a gate but didn’t even pay attention and went in. I heard someone yelling after me. I was asked for the code. I asked why should I get the code while I am just passing the squire. The answer: You have to or will need to use another way. I was with my daughter and there were 2 guys. What were my chances? We turned back and went around. The squire was apparently German Christmas market Weihnachtsmarkt now so despite being a public space I cannot cross without showing my health status. A cheerful place to go with friends and family now is a symbol of segregation. My daughter asked why we can’t pass. This time I told her the truth, that these guys want to show if I am sick, but also they don’t have right to. She said “What if we just went without paying attention to them mommy?” I answered “They may hurt us”. She said “Would they hurt daddy?” I said: “Unlikely because he is bigger than them. “She “They can’t ask us such questions. This is none of their business!” I said Yes, but we are in a crazy country. She: “Why then we don’t move to America, in Florida where is free?”. I said “Well, we may”. She continued “Why do we need these masks in case we test negative and most of the people are sick because the weather is cold!”
My heart is broken. My little child understand the things better than most of the adults, but she shouldn’t . She should have had normal childhood where wouldn’t be a crime to play with kids and wouldn’t need to be suffocated with mask for a whole day.
We saw the “celebrating”. Separated by the rest as cattle and not understanding that are being one. Animals with which governments and their owners can do anything with. If they are told to kill my family, the will do it.
This is NS state of Germany during Christmas time of 2021.

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