Living in NS state Diary Part III

It’s Sunday evening, I should get some sleep, but my brain is awaken. Tomorrow I will be a fugitive again. I need public transpiration to bring my daughter to school. I can’t find a test center so early in the morning so what do I do if I am stopped by the transportation police?

I am brave. I have to challenge them, right?! There must be a law which is supposedly protecting my freedom to refuse to show my medical status?! I remember my kid pediatrician saying that she cannot tell anyone if my kid is vaccinated. I can’t find that law. I guess is burred in a way to not be found. What I see in every government website is that should get the experimental medical product. Nothing else exists! What if they are brainwashed?! I have seen police beating older women….

Okay, so I can’t find the document. The other option is to tell that I just don’t have it. I will be that the breaking rule foreign woman. Who cares since the cattle around me doesn’t even have a faceā€¦. Masks, Oh I can’t stand these masks. Living over the year with masked it’s a nightmare. I read a news that they went for the dose on Sunday. How on Earth normal people would do it?! I am not definitely living with such.

I need to get some sleep. I am not looking forward to tomorrow. I see no end at least in Germany. Thinking of ways to leave. How long we can survive surrounded by that?

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