My Letter To The Medical Professionals

Dear medical professionals,

I see you are crying against the mandatory vaccination.

I understand you—you don’t want to be injected with gene therapy, which changes your cells, and you have seen the result of it.

My question for you is, why now?

Is it because they came for you? Now your choice is being unemployed or being injected with something made of our worst nightmares.  Hospitals all over the world are understaffed. You know that, in the end, you will be able to work without the injections, but what about the patients? You don’t care about them, right?! Of course, you’ll keep injecting people with the gene therapy. There is so much money for you from it. Only a few spoke about it, but most didn’t. Imagine if you all did?! It would have saved millions of lives. Now it is too late. Most of the western population is damaged. Now you are part of it. Mengele’s copies interested only in money and their own good. When we change the system, you will be jobless and hopefully sued. You aren’t capable of taking care of sick people. You can’t call yourselves humans!

The Hippocratic Oath has long been forgotten.

I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody who asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect. Similarly I will not give to a woman an abortive remedy. In purity and holiness I will guard my life and my art.

Now your oath is:

“More money, more money, more money….. Life DOESN’T Matter! Only Money!”

Watch this video:

You inject this into pregnant women and kids.

Read more below (check the reference section)!

It is done by you! You could have prevented it, but didn’t!

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2 thoughts on “My Letter To The Medical Professionals

  1. Dear Lidiya,
    Yes, we will prosecute and punish them, but in the end not allowing them to work again will be difficult.

    We always think about how many people will die, as a result of these jabs, but I’ve started to wonder how many will become sick and often permanently sick, as a result of these jabs?

    A damaged heart, a stroke or damaged veins with the result having to live without a leg or arm will result in many sick or seriously disabled people.

    Not thousands, but millions of them per country! How on earth are we going to manage that?

    Those doctors that didn’t have guts to open their mouth and wilfully accepted the money will be needed to take care of all these patients.

    Perhaps in taking care of them they will learn they made a big mistake.


  2. Thank you for your courage in continuing this work. A close friend of one of my adult children got boosted a couple of weeks ago. Her baby was born prematurely last week. That baby was found to have a brain bleed and is now fighting for her life in IC. Is there no end to the psychopathy of the perpetrators or to the gullibility of the general public? I have been able to prevent my four children doing this to themselves but two of their husbands have caved in for work and travel.


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