Alzheimer’s, depression research, and you know what else are just a few examples of scientific fraud. Yes, scientific findings, which justify many government policies and medical procedures, are frequently fabricated. As a result, lives are ruined, and many people are killed or damaged. All paid by our tax money. It also leads to the suppression of genuine scientific research, which could be financed with these money. Human progress is reliant on genuine scientific discoveries, hence this also halts it.

Most people have no idea that science publication promotes false research that supports sponsors and is founded on deceitful procedures. To publish in any science journal, researchers who are frequently underfunded must pay a fee, which they may not be able to afford. Excellent quality studies that could contribute to human development are often forgotten because scientists lack the funds to have their research published. Regular science journals, on the other hand, usually do not pay reviewers and associate editors and as compensation allow them to publish their findings without proper peer review (independent science review of the quality of the study). Such practices are detrimental to both scientific research and human development.

How can it be fixed?

Researchers must resume using the scientific method that I described here:

Since science magazines today almost never publish research which uses the scientific method and follow the deceiving practices mentioned above, I am launching a new science journal called Genuine Science Journal. There I and other fellow genuine scientists will publish and promote scientific research which follows the scientific method. Unlike other mainstream science journals, researchers who want to publish in Genuine Science Journal will not be required to pay any fees. They will also be compensated for explaining their research in layman’s terms. Genuine Science Journal will also support fundamental scientific research, which is often neglected yet is essential to the human progress.

For the website’s maintenance and the staff members who would work on it, Genuine Science Journal would need funds. Rich people have historically been the ones to donate to initiatives such as this. Unfortunately, wealthy people are now only interested in funding projects that will increase their power and fortune rather than those that will advance genuine science and humanity.

In this case, who can help me in financing The Genuine Science Journal?

You, dear readers, should do it because Genuine Science Journals will be beneficial for you. Please consider making a small donation. “Drop by drop makes an ocean”. The application of scientific misconduct in real life has disastrous consequences for everyone. It is our responsibility to stop it!

I need scientists from all scientific fields who acknowledge that the current narrative in science and society is wrong and aren’t hesitant to speak up and fix it. You can be writers, peer-reviewers, or simply publish your research. If you are a scientist interested in the project, please contact me at

Dr Lidiya Angelova