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Science is about discovering how the world works, not about serving those who want the world to work for them.

I’m a writer and scientist with a background in biology, environmental sciences, and microbiology. I worked with viruses, bacteria, and malaria at NIH – NIAIDINRA and BAS.

My LinkedIn blog platform was where I used to write about what interested me and my followers, but my account was deleted after I wrote an article where I questioned the credibility of the World Health Organization.

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Dr. Mike Ryan, who personally checked my account, or another official from the World Health Organization (three people looked at my LinkedIn profile), certainly reported me. It’s odd that LinkedIn didn’t let me know that my account was deactivated in this case, which is against company policy. There’s still more. LinkedIn asked for a government-issued ID when I wanted to check what was going on, which is against EU privacy law GDPR.

I insisted on finding the reason why my LinkedIn account was deactivated, and I eventually received a response from a LinkedIn employee who said that I had made comments that were against LinkedIn policy. The comments contained quotations from academic website, the BBC, and scientific journals. My work and my 500+ contacts were permanently erased despite the fact that I didn’t violate any LinkedIn regulations, yet LinkedIn broke its own rules by failing to notify me.

With this blog, I will continue to work on what is most important right now: bringing back genuine science to the news; anti-COVID-19 narrative activism; and assisting in the creation of a balanced world in which all decisions regarding our well-being are based on science and people have the ability to choose what to do with their own lives and bodies.

Click here to find the article which World Health Organization doesn’t want you to read.

Contact me at and let me know what you’d like to write about.

Here is a list of some of my publications and websites.
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