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Bacteria and fungi thrive on dirty, wet surfaces, making people sick… Anyone with common sense knows this. However, common sense was lost in 2020, and since then, people, including small children, have been required to wear such surfaces for long periods of time. They claimed it was for our own protection. That sentence, however, has been delivered by tyrannical governments. We have been in one global one since 2020. Our lives are dictated by people we did not elect to represent us. Of course, when it was pointed out that putting a wet surface on your month could have unintended consequences, the response was that the government said so, so show evidence of harm. I had already demonstrated.

Recently, the renowned science journal Nature has published a study revealing that the inside side (face-side) of masks is contaminated with bacteria and fungi. Of course, they downplay it since the article states “Although most identified microbes were non-pathogenic in humans; Staphylococcus epidermidisStaphylococcus aureus, and Cladosporium“. All of the germs mentioned above can cause sickness and death. Nature downplays the risk because, like all science journals, it only publishes data that supports the narrative. When evidence obviously contradicts it, they will only allow it in if it diminishes its importance. At the very least, they are honest about not recommending masks: “We propose that immunocompromised people should avoid repeated use of masks to prevent microbial infection.

Similar reports, which I covered in prior articles, revealed the same result, and it is common sense. Masks are designed for usage in sterile environments such as surgery theaters, and doctors and nurses meticulously clean their hands before touching the masks; they are also healthy. We are forced to wear masks in the dirtiest environments, such as public transportation, where we touch the masks with hands that have touched various surfaces, store the masks in filthy pockets, or just hang them on our hands. Many people don’t change their masks for many days. Again, it is common sense! Even if the virus did exist, this is not a strategy to stop it because such tiny particles can easily flow through the fabric and the holes around the mouth and nose, because people typically don’t use the masks properly. The only way to stop it would be to apply a specific coating, but putting it to your face could be harmful.

I’m hoping this post will eventually get people to think.

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