COVID-19 vaccines – ready for mass use or not?!

Since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic vaccines were advertised as the one and only way to end it. Despite that is not true since there are several potential drugs, we are protected by cross-immunity and eventually herd immunity many companies and research institutions rushed to make COVID-19 vaccines. Governments are already buying those vaccines and even making plans to vaccinate. 

The question is

“How is it possible to buy vaccines which are simply not tested long enough to know that are safe?

Vaccine development is a lengthy process which may take 10-15 years. While the recent acceleration in technology can speed up the process, tests on humans or so called clinical trials take time since only time can tell if a vaccine has adverse effects. 

We can’t change biology!

Since some of the vaccines are experimental there is a need of even longer clinical trials. 

-> Why then World Health Organisation and local governments are pushing vaccines we don’t know if will work or will be safe?

-> Why if vaccine cause deaths or severe adverse effects tax payers instead of companies are going to pay in case of lawsuits?

Well I will let you think and decide by yourself but keep in mind that scientists, politicians, journalists and powerful figures will earn lots of money from vaccines. And these people don’t hesitate to get even further by demonizing the people who just don’t want to take unsafe vaccines. We are called anti-vaxxers. There are even calls to be punished and put in prison. For what?!

-> Not wanting to turn into guinea pigs?

-> For wanting to have safe and efficient vaccines?

Who give the World Health Organisation and governments not only to work against our good but even to try to punish us for asking legitimate questions?

I have a masters degree in Biology, a PhD in Microbiology and a certificate in clinical research. I worked in the famous National Institutes of Health as a researcher. Everyone in my family is vaccinated. I don’t want the COVID-19 vaccine for a reason and I have right to question its safety.

If governments push mandatory COVID-19 vaccine this is medical fascism. We shouldn’t let it happen!


After the start of mass vaccination there is worrying tendency of people dying after receiving COVID-19 vaccine. Instead of checking it goverments are covering it up.

I will post updates about under it and will write a new blog post.

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