Positive COVID-19 PCR tests aren’t cases nor infections

COVID-19 statistics is part of our everyday life. We wake up with COVID-19 and go to bed with COVID-19.  We constantly hear that despite so-called COVID-19 measures there is an increase in cases and infections. 

But what actually is a case or an infection?

-> Case is when the person has both clinical and laboratory characteristics of a certain disease, which are  diagnosed by a physician

-> Infection is invasion and growth of germs in the body.

How do we measure cases or infections during the COVID-19 pandemic?

-> We use as a measuring unit the number of positive PCR tests. If the test is positive is called a case or an infection.

What exactly is the PCR test used for COVID-19 detection?

  • It is actually RT-PCR – a molecular biology technique which lets us detect parts of the viral RNA (the genetic information in some viruses is not stored as DNA but RNA).  It is RT because it first converts (transcribes) RNA to DNA. It is necessary since only DNA can be multiplied (amplified) at the levels which can be detected by fluorescence. Every multiplication is called threshold cycle or Ct. Since the genetic information of SARS-CoV-2 is carried by RNA this is the only way to detect it.

What can the PCR test tell about the virus?

  • The PCR test can tell if there are some parts of the viral RNA in the cell.

What PCR test can’t tell us about the virus?

  • It can’t tell if there is an active virus.

Can the PCR test show if there is a COVD-19 infection?

  • No.

Can the PCR test show if the person is a case or an infection?

  • No.

Is it possible a healthy person to have a positive PCR test?

  • Yes. The tests are very sensitive and can detect traces of the viral RNA. Healthy people but with positive test  means that the person’s immunity destroyed the virus. This person can’t infect other people and doesn’t need to be quarantined.

As you can see from above positive PCR tests aren’t cases nor infections. 

Despite the many appeals from virologists and other scientists to report only the people who are real cases or infections, and really can spread the virus, authorities still report all positive PCR tests as cases. 

Mixing the real cases with the people who are healthy creates an unrealistic and scarier picture of the pandemic. In fact if we counted only the real cases or infections the pandemic would be called off.  The unrealistic statistics leads to quarantining people who are actually completely healthy and don’t pose risk to society, and implementing lockdowns with deadly consequences.

Mixing the number of healthy people with positive PCR tests with cases/infections leads to overestimation of the death rate as well since everyone who dies and has a positive test is counted as COVID-19 death even when dying after a long time or from clearly alternative causes.

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We as society which pay a very high price for the measures should pressure health authorities to release the real number of cases or infected. This is the only way to preserve humanity as we know it! 

6 thoughts on “Positive COVID-19 PCR tests aren’t cases nor infections

  1. Why does your well founded, and researched data fall on deaf (Government and especially media) ears? What is the underlying reason for this stupidity? We had 4,000 people die from SARS but this didn’t cause a nationwide scare! We need a major investigation (Royal Commission) to source the REAL reason of this “pandemic”.


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