If you live on the planet Earth, you know we live in a virus world. 

The virus is so dangerous that we have no idea how many of us died from it. The virus is so dangerous but cannot be detected. The virus is so dangerous that it needs experimental medical treatments to get it into us and make us sick. I know it sounds crazy, yet this is true. Read my whole blog and you will see that I am right. We are used as lab rats and isolated in our tinny cells. Online all the time. Registering when going to the store. We cannot visit sick friends and family. Old and sick kids die alone. Kids are abused on everyday basis by the malicious measures. Many people are denied treatment if not tested and recently if not injected with experimental medical treatments called vaccines. We cannot travel without being injected with these vaccines. We live in prison world where our basic human rights are denied.

I and a few more people work hard everyday to deliver you the tools how to end it. I am writing here, doing research, posting, and commenting on social media. The problem is that people like me are censored. As you know I cannot work as a science writer and a communicator anymore despite now I am so needed. Why? Because I am one of the fewest who understands the science of COVID-19 and aren’t afraid to speak up. Apparently this may make people ask questions and disobey. Remember I am so dangerous for the narrative, so the World Health Organization in the face of Mike Ryan checked and ordered deleting of my LinkedIn account. I have the knowledge but don’t have the power of money or influence. Rich aren’t interested in our well being and aren’t helping. We are just things for them. Journalists – most work for the narrative and to create controversy. We are alone.

What do I want you to do with the information? – Use it!

>Request proof of the mask need, lockdowns and COVID-19 vaccines safety, and efficiency. Ask why so many powerful figures have connections with pharma and how it isn’t conflict of interests? Governments cannot show proof that there is even a pandemic nor proof that vaccines are needed. We should not follow measures which aren’t evidence based. Governments have no power over us. We own them!

>Inform the rest! Way too many people believe in the COVID-19 pandemic lie. Awakening is not easy but should be done! We need more people who know what’s going on!

> Pandemic measures must be stopped immediately. Testing and vaccination canceled. Vaccinated must isolated and their blood removed from blood banks. It can happen if more of you want it!

Most important of my blogs with the information you need below. Read and spread.

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