Another Mother’s day but this time I don’t feel celebrating. I am scared for our kids because they are threatened by the governments and the people behind them. They want to use our kids as test objects for experimental medical treatment so can earn billions and even more from the expected damages.

That is the petrifying reality!

We live in a real nightmare which we don’t even know if will end. 2020 brought us a pandemic which isn’t based on any reliable data and tests. Kids who don’t even suffer from that potentially deadly disease were of course first to suffer from the World Health Organization recommendations – isolation and masks. But that wasn’t enough. NO! Mike Ryan from World Health Organization told us last year that kids will be taken from homes in case of suspected infection but he obviously meant forever and year after it this is a fact. Kids who wouldn’t be affected by coronavirus die from COVID-19 vaccines or are damaged for life. Reports are adding up. No, it isn’t co-incidence! The result of it is visible.

Healthy kids who were playing yesterday, today are put ib cold coffins or confined in hospital beds where they may stay until die.

Mothers who would never hug their kids.

Mothers who will carry the burden of knowing that they agreed their kids to be used as test objects.

Mothers who spent every day hoping that their kids will survive and they won’t be damaged from COVID-19 vaccines.

Mothers who instead celebrating today, mourn!

We cannot let it continue like it! Remember – we are the ones who brought that life here.

We aren’t only the bringers but the protectors. By us nature renovates. By us nature is preserved.

So if you are a mother, rise up!

Punishing and trying to make the experimental treatment mandatory is inhuman. It is against what we are! We can stop it. We MUST!

Share information. Don’t be afraid of confrontations. Yes, there are lots of people who enjoy harming kids. We do live in a monstrous world, but we are stronger than them! We are chosen by our mother nature to be the guardians of life!

Corporations aren’t be stronger than mother’s love!

We must bring back the normal childhood to our kids.

Our and our kids bodies should not be violated by masks, tests and vaccines. Governments don’t own us, we do. We pay them with our taxes to work for our best interests, but they work for corporations! That can’t continue!

Kids should play with their friends and have their normal activities!

We must sue in people’s court everyone who promote killing and damaging our future! We aren’t alone. Keep in mind that many tiny drops of water make a tsunami!