As you already know from the first 3 parts of my blood transfusions investigation we can receive blood contaminated with experimental medical treatment. How do we fix it and protect ourselves?

First we need to get contaminated blood out of blood banks. It puts everyone in danger!

Contact your blood bank and health ministry, and request them to do it. Use the evidence from my blog. I provide more than enough data showing the danger of all COVID-19 vaccines.

Also COVID-19 vaccines are unlicensed which puts the people who receive COVID-19 vaccines in the deferral list so they cannot donate blood.

COVID-19 vaccinated knowingly or not to participate in clinical research. To make the situation absolutely safe for everyone all COVID-19 vaccinated must be isolated and tested for spike protein, and mRNA shedding until proven that can’t cause harm. It may need better testing methods as well.

The solution above of course is unlikely to be implemented fast enough because it will show how corrupt and unethical are the people who are supposed to protect our health. I guess when damage is visible there would be lawsuits but until then people who don’t want the contaminated blood should have some kind of protection.

Don’t worry! Yes, there is a way. It will work because it depends on you.

I. Escape contaminated with COVID-19 vaccine blood by autologous blood transfusion or directed blood donation

1. Autologous blood transfusion is collection and reinfusion of the patient’s own red blood cells. You can save your blood and use it when needed. It’s a well established method to avoid blood contamination. Also request clean blood manipulation which means that people who would process the blood donated to you should not be COVID-19 vaccinated. You may get a few weird looks but that is your blood and your body. You have the full right to refuse blood donations by other people and to receive the blood you consider as right. Remember that mRNA could be transferred by skin contact according to the manufacturer safety concern sheet. 

There are also devices which collect blood during surgery and reuse it. 

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2. Directed blood donation is blood from family or friends. Doesn’t matter where you live you have the right to request it if you have someone who would donate. Request clean blood manipulatin as explained in point 1.

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Remember! You have the full right to refuse blood donations by other people and to receive the blood you consider as right.

3.Patients can use their own red blood cells which are recycled and given back to them during surgery by cell saver machine.

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II. Long term prevention solution for contaminated with COVID-19 vaccines blood.

We should make clean blood hospitals (why not stores, schools, other businesses etc.) for people who don’t want to receive blood and care from COVID-19 vaccinated. We better be safe than sorry and I think that there is going to be lots of “Sorry” in COVID-19 vaccines case. I am sure that plenty of private hospitals and health care professionals will be interested. It may be a way to attract the non-vaccinated health care workers. They will be able to work without compromising their own and their relatives’ safety.  Check my new website about Clean Blood Initiative for updates or contact me via  if interested. Clean blood would be create safe place for clean blood, organ and tissue donation and anything related to health. I want to connect people who don’t want COVID-19 vaccine contaminated blood and people interested in holistic medicine based on the best scientific practices. 

We aren’t owned by government and by corporations. Together we can create better, safer and ethical healthcare!

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