As I get older I get more fascinated by nature. Looking at a flower or a tree or a
wild animal makes me feel eternal. The other day a squirrel came to my balcony
quite close. It made me feel privileged. Wild world is so far away from me.
When growing up nature was a step away. I lived in a city surrounded by
mountains. We would have frequent trips where I would eat wild berries, pick up
flowers, enjoy the view when reaching the peak and breathe. I remember so well
the fresh air up there next to the eagles. Feeling like an eagle which could see
the world from above. Being in nature was natural to me, but not essential or
maybe not so special. It was just part of my life. When I got older and busier
being into the wild became a privilege. Now I need to organize the visit to the
wilderness. Scheduling and making plans kills the pleasure. Getting to nature
isn’t natural and let’s be honest a bit tiring. It takes too much of an effort to go
there. Is it worth it?! Can I just stay in the city and enjoy the tamed “nature” from
the city parks? We even have squirrels. Will I be a human if I never go back to
the wilderness?

We are part of nature. Separating from her is removing the human part of us.
Comfortable life from home makes our kind weaker. We depend too much on
technology. If there is no power for a day we all are going to get mad. We don’t
know how to grow food and how to live without multiple electronic devices.
No surprise that depression and suicide rates sky rocketed during the time when
we need to stay only home and can’t even have planned visits to the wilderness.
It affects mostly the average city dwellers, because the wealthy can afford big
houses in the outskirts near nature. People in the city were denied to be humans,
and even worse – to be with other humans. This is against nature’s balance. We
are social animals. We need other living things near us. Living locked in small
cells surrounded by the artificial virtual world is a dead end. We cannot survive if
we let it keep going. We will fade away as an unsuccessful experiment by nature.
We should try to understand her and embrace the chance to be part of the whole
thing called life on the planet Earth.
We should use our intelligence to preserve her and fix the mistakes of the
previous generations. The only way our kind would progress is by living in
balance with our true nature, not against it.
We should go back there — into the wilderness and we should live in harmony
with it as our siblings — the rest of the living things.
Life is taking risk to reach the unknown.
Life is to discover how life works.
Life is to grow your food.
Life is to share your smile with fellow humans.
Life is to help other humans.
Life is breathing flash air at the top of the mountain.
Life is feeling like an eagle or a tree.
What we have now isn’t a life!

Love, Lidiya

*Photo by Dr Lidiya Angelova. Location: Balkan Mountains, Bulgaria near the town of Buhovo. Do not use without permission!

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