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People are harmed by so-called COVID-19 vaccines, and this is even reported in the media. Of course, we must find a way to help and minimize the damage. Traditional medicine often uses treatments that cause further harm. Some charlatans take advantage of the situation to make money, even offering plans that they claim will eliminate the damage caused by COVID-19 shots. It is impossible because:

->the batches are made in a hurry and aren’t standardized, resulting in different dosage of the same product

->we still don’t know what exactly is in these products

->many people received more than one dose, sometimes from different manufacturers

->if the injected person takes any medications, it will affect body’s reaction as well as age and health status.

So, if you see someone claiming to have discovered an antidote to so called COVID-19 vaccines, dismiss it since it is a scam!

Is there anything we can really do?

Yes, we can, and because it is trendy to refer to it as a protocol, here is “Dr. Lidiya Angelova’s Protocol For Reducing COVID-19 Vaccination Adverse Effects

1. Take a blood test that should include the following:
-> Complete blood count
-> Comprehensive metabolic panel
-> Lipid panel
-> Thyroid panel
-> Cardiac biomarkers
-> Coagulation panel
-> D-dimer test – A D-dimer test looks for D-dimer in blood. D-dimer is a protein fragment (small piece) that’s made when a blood clot dissolves in your body(*Update)
-> DHEA-sulfate (dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate) serum test
-> Arterial blood gas – detects acute heart failure and cardiac arrest (*Update)
->High sensitivity C-reactive protein test – assesses the risk of heart attack associated with so-called COVID-19 vaccines; it can also show if there is inflammation associated with nanoparticle accumulation (*Update)
-> Interleukin 1-Alpha – an inflammatory biomarker which increase is associated with nanoparticle accumulation (*Update)
-> Tumor Necrosis Factor α – an inflammatory biomarker which increase is linked to nanoparticle accumulation and autoimmune diseases (known adverse drug effect of so called COVID-19 vaccines)(*Update)
-> Oxidative Stress Analysis 2.0 of blood and urine – The analysis could be effective in detecting nanoparticle-induced oxidative stress responses and neurodegenerative disorders (known adverse drug effect of so called COVID-19 vaccines) (*Update)
-> Liver function tests – since the liver is eliminating toxins from the body, it may be affected by the toxins-filled COVID-19 vaccinations (*Update).

Since the blood work and the other tests can detect practically all irregularities, it will reveal your present health status. The test findings include a row displaying the normal range.
*A few values below or above the average do not indicate a problem. There is an issue when it is times more or less.

2. If there is an anomaly in the blood testing, it must be investigated. Most GPs should be able to assist here, but keep in mind that they are paid to promote medicines, so listen to what they say about the results but don’t rush to the pharmacy with a lengthy list of pricey medications. What I recommend is that you look for herbs or other alternative treatments. Ask around for recommendations or check online for a good herbalist or simply check each problem and look for alternative treatment for it. Take another blood test in about a month after initiating therapy to see if works.
*If your results are normal, it is possible that you received a placebo or that your organism’s response is slower.

3. Nanoparticles are perhaps the most dangerous ingredients in the so-called COVID-19 vaccines. Despite numerous studies demonstrating their accumulation in the liver and other organs, they are used and marketed as harmless. I updated point one with assays that could reveal reactivity to nanoparticles. Finding and filtering information takes a long time. It is because the effects of nanoparticles on the human body have not been well researched. We only have a few animal studies that suggest toxicity. It is a criminal since, in addition to modifying genetics, we have completely new compounds inserted into human cells.

4. Regardless of your blood test results or how you’re feeling, help your body eliminate toxins not only from the shot, but also from food, drinks, contaminated air, and water. I’ll write a longer, more in-depth piece about it later, but for now, try these detox options.

5. Look after your mental well-being. Stress might be just as damaging as the shot. You can feel upset and regretful, but you can’t reverse what happened. Accept the problem, develop a plan, and have faith that it will succeed. You’ve heard of the placebo effect, right? Well, it has been demonstrated to work.

6. There is indication that even people who did not receive the gene product may be at risk. If this is true, the effect should be far less harmful, but they could follow my advice in step 3 while also remembering step 4. If you recently received blood due to a medical condition, you most likely received contaminated blood. I’ve already done some research on the subject. Take a look here

In this case just follow my protocol.

Additional thoughts.
-> It is critical to identify all chemicals in products and create a reference library for each with a list of potential harms and potential ways to reduce them. I want to do it, but without a support, it won’t be possible, and it appears that blog readers like the information but don’t want to sponsor the person who provides it. Unlike the fake experts, I don’t sell any of the recommended items and rely on donations, which are scarce.

-> I’d like to start working on individual situations because my degrees in biology and microbiology allow me to understand the human body better than normal medical professionals. Unfortunately, medical doctors they never look at the big picture and instead focus on removing symptoms, which usually causes more harm than good. We cannot be viewed solely as a piece of meat. Quantum biology, which is also a current interest of mine, can be of great assistance in this case.

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