Many people wonder whether substack is a good blogging platform. Since I’ve been blogging for 11 years and use substack for about a year, here’s what I think.

Pros of substack

-> User-friendly.

-> Simple to use and set up paid subscriptions.

-> Thread option

-> It is free, however it takes 10% of the subscription profit, plus there is a credit card fee imposed by Stripe, which they use to handle payments.

-> There is a new voiceover option.

-> The post metrics are easily accessible..

Cons of substack

-> Formatting options are limited.

-> Unable to upload videos.

-> Limited available space.


It is a good way to support your work if you already have an audience or if your website is censored. It cannot substitute actual blog hosts. I use it to supplement my blog postings, broaden my readership, and make my work more accessible.

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