Pandemic for the plebs

When I see or hear “We are in this together!” from famous rich people, I honestly want to vomit.

Celebrities who still work, who live in mansions, who travel as before are with us together?!

How many of them count their cents until the end of the month and worrying if they will have money to cover the bare necessities?

How many are locked in a few squares and if want to walk for a bit of fresh air need to wear a muzzle?

How many celebrities are locked as criminals the moment they step from airplane?

How many celebrities have kids who are used as test objects?

Today we see them happy and dressed up on the Golden Globes? Is the award show an essential business?

When people will finally realize that if we were in real deadly pandemic this wouldn’t happen?

Pandemic is based on lies! I discussed a lot of it in my previous posts.

People die as result of the measures!

From the untested vaccines

From the lockdowns

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