For every animal on Earth, growing healthy offspring is the most important task. It is the way to continue the species. It is biology. For supposedly the most intelligent animal on earth – human it was the case but until 2020.

27 October update. FDA approved using kids as test objects. It is horrendous and breaking all ethical laws of clinical research. EMA is planning to do the same. These organizations are paid by us. They have no right to use us as lab rats. We have right to not pay them!

In 2020 humans decided to sacrifice their own future – the kids because this may protect or likely not their grandparents. Of course it sounds insane but it’s true.

Since 2020 kids have no right to be kids.

  • They can’t play with other kids.
  • They can’t do sports.
  • They can’t have any after school activities.
  • They can’t go to school in person or if they are let in, they need to wear a mask which is harmful for them.
  • They can’t see grandmother because may kill her (despite there isn’t evidence about it).
  • They die alone in hospitals because parents can’t be with them.
  • They die from preventable diseases because nobody cares about diseases if not COVID-19.
  • They are test objects on vaccines never tested on animals or finished clinical research in adults.
  • They are told by media, health care officials and teachers that are reason for the suffering of others.
  • They need to live in poverty because parents are out of work.

After this you are probably screaming


I can’t tell. I’m forced too. It is even worse since kids almost never have the disease which is the reason for the abuse. Kids are protected by cross-immunity by the other four common cold coronaviruses. Kids don’t spread it because of it. There is evidence about it. World Health Organisation which we fund by our taxes ordered it. Governments obey.

Children shouldn’t do anything to protect anyone. They should be let to be kids!

If we don’t stop it now, there isn’t going to be tomorrow!

Photo credit Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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