Everything happened fast. There were some people dying in China and next we are all locked out while our basic human rights – restricted.

Unlike before this time we were in the pandemic without evidence.

In the past any life changing decision by governments would be made after careful examination of available evidence based on latest data and scientific research.

COVID-19 pandemic showed that any data is fine if approved by the World Health Organization. If the data isn’t what they want is ignored and people who dare to challenge it – silenced

Of course knowing more about the problem would mean making better decisions but that was so before 2020. In 2020 reason was eliminated.

2+2 isn’t 4 anymore. It was what we were told by the world health organisation. If they say 5 it is 5. If tomorrow is 6 it is 6.

Does science still exist?

It does but mass media where people get information what’s going on doesn’t talk about it.

Did you ever hear about the 10 million participants study showing that asymptomatic people don’t spread SARS-CoV-2? It was published in the most prominent scientific journal – Nature. It means that we shouldn’t be accepted as plague spreading vermin by default. It means that healthy people shouldn’t be locked as now.

Did you ever hear that we are protected by cross-immunity? Check my blog post with plenty of scientific studies proving it.

Do you know that the math models on which were made the disastrous pandemic predictions are multiple times proven wrong?

Do you know that the PCR test on which COVID-19 pandemic is based is made by flawed study. The study has so many problems that must be retracted which means the results from the pandemic too! It is proven wrong. Study’s author “maybe Dr” (his doctoral degree is under investigation) Drosten even said sometime ago that PCR tests can create fake pandemic because they aren’t made to show if there is an active viral particle but just RNA (obviously forgot about it).

Drosten may have more reasons to forget that his test can’t detect SARS-CoV-2 – money. He is heavily financed by pharma companies which gain a lot from the pandemic.

As you see science is not about finding truth.

You may never hear about what actually science says if you don’t look for it. Censorship is getting to the social media too. Accounts who post too much science are banned.

People who speak up aren’t silenced only by social media. Some face hostility at work and could be even fired.

People may think that why real scientist don’t unite and stand up?!

Unfortunately science is full of egos and some are just afraid. People like Professor Thomas Aigner who announced that he was leaving the Academy of Sciences and Literature Mainz because of the German anti-science COVID-19 politics are few.

While the world burns and millions suffer scientists prefer to stay in their labs and hope for the best.

Until they wait.

Until rest wake up.

Our world will be turned into tyranny by people who are interested only in power and more power.


My views on COVID-19 have shifted. I, like many others, did not read so-called isolation reports. When I did it, I was certain that there is no such virus as SARS-CoV-2. What I think was discovered may be found in the following article.