People with COVID-19 vaccines can donate blood immediately or shortly after being vaccinated despite the fact that the experimental product may induce life-threatening disorders in the recipients. I asked several government agencies responsible for blood donation if we can have a choice to receive blood by non-COVID-19 vaccinated. The answer from all was NO.

Blood banks may or may not keep the records of whoever had COVID-19 vaccine. They don’t test the vaccinated blood for Spike proteins specifically – the most dangerous product of COVID-19 vaccination. In America they do test for antibodies which admit aren’t diagnostic tools (as I told you). In conclusion everyone can receive contaminated blood which can make her/him sick! Tell me, if it isn’t crime against humanity, what is?

COVID-19 vaccination products have the potential to spread to everyone! Most of the time they are given to already, sick but also after accidents, many women need blood after childbirth.

What about the children who receive contaminated proven to be harmful products?

People should go right now to their blood donation banks or health officials offices, request to stop blood donations from COVID-19 vaccinated and remove all contaminated blood!

It is a matter of life and death!

Do it even if you are healthy, and don’t have kids or sick family and friends.

It is not about you, me, they; it is about us!

Read again part 1 and 2.

Here are the answers which I got (not all responded). In original language and translated when needed.




Dear Dr. Angelova,
The focus of the daily work of the blood donation services is to ensure the blood supply for patients in the domestic hospitals.
When you are admitted to donate blood, you are asked, among other things, whether you have been ill with SARS-CoV-2 within the last 4 months or whether you have received a COVID-19 vaccination in the last 4 weeks. As a blood donor service, we check whether the waiting periods are adhered to – these are defined as varying in length depending on the severity of the illness or symptoms after the vaccination. Diseases or vaccinations that occurred or were administered outside the respective grace period are not queried, as they are not relevant for product safety.
Red blood cell concentrates, the “blood reserves,” are prepared from the donated whole blood. These contain only a minimal amount of plasma (the liquid components of blood). Any antibodies that may be present in the plasma after infections or vaccinations are therefore only present in very small residual quantities, especially since the immune cells (e.g. lymphocytes) are also removed from the red cell concentrate by filtration. For recipients of blood reserves, it is therefore irrelevant whether the donor was ill and/or vaccinated.
The immune system is continuously confronted with “invaders” that cause an immune response and thus the formation of antibodies. Vaccinations also account for a small part of these immune responses. However, antibodies survive only a limited time in the bloodstream, which also explains why an antibody level drops over time in vaccinated individuals.
We achieve the high level of safety and quality through responsible selection of our donors, state-of-the-art testing methods and modern processing techniques.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact


Dear Ms. Angelova,
thank you very much for your request.
We do not keep records whether the donor is vaccinated against Covid-19 or other diseases.


Dear colleague,
we in Bern do not perform studies with plasmas from Covid-19 vaccinated individuals. Our donors have to fill out a medical questionnaire before each donation, which also asks if one has received vaccinations recently. For example, if a donor has received an mRNA vaccine, they would have to indicate that. The data on whether someone has received a covid vaccine is collected for purely statistical purposes. Currently, it is determined that one can donate blood again after 48h following administration of an mRNA vaccine. A specific request or order for a blood product that comes from a vaccinated donor is not possible here in Bern. Since we are an interregional blood donor, we are also represented at the CHUV at the Lausanne site. There, studies are being conducted with plasmas from people who have already survived a Covid-19 infection. You might find this article interesting: Covid-19 patient successfully treated with blood plasma (
With best regards,

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