We should have the right to refuse blood transfusion from vaccinated for COVID-19 but can we? Part 2

After I found that blood donors can donate almost immediately after being vaccinated for COVID-19, I decided to check if there are any safety concerns since vaccines or their product can be transferred from the donor to the recipient. There is indeed a serious issue with COVID-19 vaccines which were practically swept under the carpet by the health authorities. As is well known, healthy people don’t suffer from COVID-19 because the immune system neutralizes the virus before it multiplies. When a healthy person receives a vaccine immune response may lead to actually more harm than good. mRNA vaccines for example induce creation of the the virus Spike protein which couldn’t be found in a healthy body. Protein epitopes (the part of an antigen molecule to which an antibody attaches) share homology with human immunoglobulins. This means that Spike proteins antibodies can attack the immunoglobulins which can lead to serious health problems like developing autoimmune diseases like amyloidosis and multiple myeloma. Cross-antibody reactions with blood proteins can interfere with blood coagulation regulation and cause blood clots. Last is already well documented an adverse effect of  some of the vaccines. 

“Spike proteins of the coronaviruses can also glue or merge neighboring cells, which can ultimately form a clump of up to a hundred fused cells and perish in the process. The presence of the isolated spike proteins alone, without the virus ball, can lead to such cell fusion on a large scale.”


There is a serious problem with so called m RNA vaccines. “Vaccine RNA has specific sequences that may induce pathologic prion conformations”. It means that people may suffer from prion diseases because of it. 


There is another issue with the Spike protein –  the presence of prion-like domains. In case of artificially induced storms of such proteins there is possibility of prion induced diseases as well. Prions can be transmitted by blood. Spike protein in particular is a strange choice of vaccine target in case that there are 3 more proteins suitable for it. 

As you see despite well documented potential adverse effects COVID-19 vaccines are advertised as safe. Vaccinated with such vaccines can be blood donors immediately or not much long after vaccination. Vaccine products which can create life threatening reactions can easily flow into the recipients blood. 

Why is the push to get vaccinated healthy people and their blood used for donation in case that may harm them and recipients? 

Why do health authorities promote the blood of vaccinated for COVID-19 as safe for donation while facts show the opposite? 

You may not need blood transfusion but you never know. Share my article and send requests to your local health authorities to stop blood donations by vaccinated for COVID-19!

All COVID-19 vaccines are in the clinical trial stage and according to the ethical principles of clinical research vaccinated with experimental medical treatments cannot be blood donors.

*Can we still choose safe unvaccinated blood? I contacted the health authorities in several countries to find out. Read my next article to see what was their answer.

Recommended read

Did the Paul Ehrlich Institute ignore a dangerous side effect of the vaccination? (in german use online translator) https://multipolar-magazin.de/artikel/paul-ehrlich-institut-nebenwirkung 

SARS-CoV-2 prion-like domains in spike proteins  https://www.preprints.org/manuscript/202003.0422/v1 

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Prion diseases can be transmitted by blood transfusion https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/12388826/

RNA based vaccines and risk of prion diseases https://scivisionpub.com/pdfs/covid19-rna-based-vaccines-and-the-risk-of-prion-disease-1503.pdf

Concerned scientists and doctor question vaccine safety and want action by the European Medicine Agency (which has close ties with pharma industry) https://doctors4covidethics.medium.com/rebuttal-letter-to-european-medicines-agency-from-doctors-for-covid-ethics-april-1-2021-7d867f0121e

COVID-19 vaccine potential targets https://theconversation.com/covid-vaccines-focus-on-the-spike-protein-but-heres-another-target-150315

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, here to discuss the ‘dangerous mRNA vaccines https://odysee.com/@TLAVagabond:5/Dr-Sucharit-Bhakdi-Interview-COVID-Vaccine-Blood-Clot-Risk-Was-Known-Ignored-Buried:9 

Follow this twitter account on the danger of Spike protein in vaccines.


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