Christmas for most of the people is time for meeting family and sharing memories. For the most people from the former Eastern Bloc isn’t exactly like it since until 1989 it was forbidden. There were no Marry Christmas and No Santa Claus. I knew that something is different only because on December 24 my father would say that it is Christmas eve and we need to eat only 7 or 9 vegan dishes. My mother would prepare that special dinner but I couldn’t understand why since nobody was talking about it being some kind of special. We would celebrate only New Year when we had Grandpa Frost who would give us a little gift.

New Year time was special because we had citrus fruits and bananas which were available only then. When the Iron Curtain fell, we found out that the bad west had a very good time we kind of missed. We of course took the new-old tradition quite quickly and Christmas markers where people could drink wine and get together became quite popular. Of course we accepted Santa and ditched Grandpa Frost. Well, some didn’t actually and still have gifts on January 1st together with December 25.

While the Bulgarian tradition is related to the Christian religion and that the holiday is about family, we accepted the Santa part because it’s nice and well nothing bad in some extra cheer from getting gifts.

It was like that all over the world until governments stole Christmas in 2020. Germany is one of the most Christmassy places on earth and was so strange to see that big holiday canceled – no Weihnachtsmarkt, closed stores, no happy people outside. It was only for once they said to save the elders and save the next year. Yet this year is even worse, thanks to the government propaganda making people believe that healthy vaccine free are a danger to the rest. Now the family holiday is a disaster and families are torn apart because of this believe based on 0 evidence. It is like a cult.

Once loving family members don’t want to get close to their own blood if not vaccinated or tested. Of course governments used the variant scare tactic again just before Christmas and make an innocent change of sequence looking like deadly plague so people could not travel and see their families. In Germany there are even restrictions of how many people you could invite.

Imagine how bad it is when the government can tell you what to do in your own home?! The worst part – people accepted it!

Of course that isn’t rule for the elite and they all travel and have big parties. 2021 is the worst Christmas ever for the Christian world thanks to the power-thirsty elite and politicians but also thanks to the dumb cattle, who just accepted it.

Taking the cheer and happiness is one of the ways to control the plebs. Depressed and lonely people are the easiest to manipulate. Read my book again and see the correlations with the communist times.

While the time we are living in is looking quite dark and hopeless, I still believe that everything bad is for good so it will end one day. If you are one of vaccine free don’t get depressed because you aren’t with your family. Blood isn’t everything and you likely barely tolerate most of your family members anyways. Now is time to chose family and I am sure you already have a new one – the people who think, rest are just cattle. Celebrate with real humans or, if not possible just enjoy the quiet time and do what you like. Sleep longer, read a book and eat tasty food in the bed. Watch some dumb comedy. Call your real friends. Make gifts which they will receive after the new year. What better than unexpected little something. Send real greeting cards. Make some by yourself. Believe in good. Believe in nature. Believe in yourself. Things will get better after getting worse.

Merry Christmas Dear Friends! Весела Коледа Скъпи Приятели!



*Don’t forget to support my work. During the holidays I will finish the launch of the Genuine Science project. Of course I will find time to be with my family which luckily for me is on the human side.