What Is Going on In Canada?

I love Canada. It is where I spent some of the happiest years of my life. Canadians are likely the most polite people in the world. I even started the permanent resident application process. Life sent me back to Europe for good (apparently), because Canada’s COVID-19 measures are some of the most severe in the world. Human rights no longer exist there. People cannot work without test and recently even without being injected with an experimental medical product. Soon people would not be able even to travel if not having multiple injections with that product. That’s not all.

All foreign nationals temporarily residing in Canada who have entered Canada unvaccinated or partially vaccinated will be allowed by Canadian border authorities to leave Canada no later than February 28, 2022.

Authorities in Canada specify that until that date, foreign nationals will only be able to leave the country with a negative test for COVID. After that date, foreign nationals will need to be fully vaccinated in order to board a plane or train into Canada.

Only fully inoculated can get in, out or within Canada. Of course it isn’t clear what is fully inoculated (received full series of the product means nothing)!

Thake a look at the exceptions!

On January 15, 2022, unvaccinated or partially vaccinated travelers will only be allowed to enter Canada if they meet one of the limited exceptions, including:

  • agricultural and food processing workers;
  • foreign marine crew members;
  • those entering on compassionate grounds;
  • new permanent residents;
  • newly resettled refugees;
  • children under the age of 18 who are currently exempt from the travel restrictions

The problem is that after they enter they may not be able to travel within the country without the experimental product.

I share this because most of the people may not know.




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One thought on “What Is Going on In Canada?

  1. One spectacularly paradoxical feature (exemplified par excellence in Canada’s present-day craziness that you have documented so well) of the way in which the covid-empowered global junta has behaved after its barely clandestine coup, has been to harden the borders between the traditional nation-states that it seeks, ultimately, to abolish, as far as its overweening global jurisdiction goes. The horrid covid-panic project has created countless scenarios, all of them realized in real life for real, mightily inconvenienced people, in which the hapless individuals affected have suddenly found themselves imprisoned in their own countries, by politicians allied to the global cause of the abolition of all countries, or imprisoned in foreign countries, where they are forbidden by law to leave the countries they happened to be when the modern iron curtains galore fell almost simultaneously, in order to return to their own countries. If they do manage somehow to take a trip home, they will never again be allowed to return to the countries in which they were living when all this nonsense started. Any loved ones they leave behind (if they manage to travel at all) may well become lost to them forever.

    For example, my Romanian wife has been prevented from returning to her own country, Romania, I am British and am prevented from traveling to Romania too. If somehow my wife did manage to return to her own country, and I went there with her, I would be prevented from returning to the UK, the country of my birth and the only country in the world in which I am a citizen. If she went to Romania without me, I’d have to kiss her goodbye forever at Bristol airport, for she’d thereupon become permanently unable ever to come back to the husband she’d left behind in the UK.


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