You know the feeling of nothingness between Christmas and New Year.  You got the presents, ate, saw your family (pre-2020), can’t go anywhere (post-2020), weather is shitty, you watched Love Actually and Home Alone so many times that you feel the characters as part of your family…..You feel bored every year at this time of the year but shouldn’t!

Time is precious. Use it!

-> Next year is around the corner. What do you want to change? Make a list but with realistic expectations.

-> We live in some of the most horrible yet interesting times so write your thoughts about what’s going on for the next generation.

-> Go to your closet and wardrobe and take all the old stuff. Sell online, make something new or give it to charity.

-> Learn something new. Extra skills are always good to have.

-> Check The Web Archive or The Smithsonian Libraries where will find so many books and other interesting things that you may miss the New Year. 

-> Call and old forgotten friend and bring back some old memories.

-> Make a plan how to end the dystopian madness.

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