One of the most prominent side effects of the current situation is that people (not the elites of course) are severely depressed. That is normal since being forced to wear a muzzle and locked is well known technique used to torture prisoners of war. Realizing it makes the matters worse since you also see that many people are just accepting it without a fight. I am one of the fighters but I am not depressed at all. In fact I am often happy. It is because I know that whatever I do and whatever happens the most important thing is to keep myself sane. It means that I have to find ways to unwind. What I do is simple and I think would be helpful for you too.

-> Walk a lot and look around, notice everything: nature, other humans, and houses. Think about who is living there. Take a pictures of flowers, trees, and animals.

-> Bake. Today when I was making my favorite cheese rolls I felt so calm and relaxed because was focused on making the dough and thinking how tasty will be the rolls.

-> Read science fiction books or Terry Pratchett. Anything not connected to the realty.

-> Listen nice music.

-> Listen to the birds.

-> Make a craft. Craft videos are not only relaxing but give you ideas how to recycle and give a new life of things in the house.

-> Get a pet. If you are too lazy to go out – get a cat. It is the best way to relieve depression since cats are natural antidepressants. Dogs are good because you will move more and meet other people. Get both if you can.

*Sir Smokie Fluffy Pants is my big demanding antidepressant.

-> Watch old cooking shows. I love these shows because they are educational and funny. Emeral Lagasie is my favorite food show host: recipes and sense of humor.

The most important thing to remember is to give your brain a break and find something else to think about for at least half an hour a day.

Don’t forget that you aren’t alone. Find like minded. Resist.

*I am working on making a new science media that will give a voice to real science and would appreciate help to fund it. Please donate even a bit would help. It will help to launch my new project Genuine Science Media.