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Many people still believe that since gene therapy wrongly called COVID-19 vaccine is experimental people who are injected with it won’t be able to donate blood. Several months ago I made 4 – part investigation on it which showed that inoculated can donate blood and nobody is taking notes which blood is contaminated. This will lead to disaster, since the products can pass in the blood. It makes innocent people part of an experiment and endangers their lives. Currently most of the western world blood is contaminated and governments do nothing about it. They still promote it and still let contaminated blood in people’s bodies without even telling them.

In the first part I collected information about what are rules for blood donation by the people subjected to the experimental gene therapy.

I decided to check the information again in case there are some changes. Here is what I found.


There is an update. Inoculated with mRNA gene product (Pfizer and AstraZeneca) now should wait 14 days to donate. Inoculated with the vector gene product (Moderna) should wait 28 days. Before was 7. There is an intriguing remark: the effects of the newly developed gene products on donor health and donation safety are not fully established yet.

*You decide how to interpret it. There is also a warning about the product’s health risks.

Read more in the following link


No change. No deferral time after receiving the inoculation with the gene product.

In India donor deferral period was shortened to 14 days.


The deferral period is shortened from 7 to 3 days.


No change. People who had the gene product can donate blood immediately.


No change. People who had the geneproduct can donate blood immediately.


No change. Deferral time is 48 hours.


No change. Deferral time is 48 hours.


No change. People injected with the gene product can donate blood immediately.


No change. Deferral time is 2 days.


No change. Deferral time is 48 hours.


No change. Red Cross does not recommend any interval if the gene prouct is mRNA (Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna) and two weeks if it is from non-replicating vectors (AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson).


There is change. Deferral time has shortened for Pfizer and Moderna, from 28 days to 48 hours. The deferral time for AstraZeneca is still 28 days.———–covid-19

If your country isn’t in the list just check but I doubt it will be any different.

Again it makes vulnerable blood recipients part of an experiment they didn’t sign for but they have a choice. Learn how to prevent receiving contaminated blood by reading the information below.

I created a card that anyone may print, complete, and keep in their wallet (it is size of a credit card). It can be used in an emergency. Only English version for now. If you download, please consider donating.

Here is information why people who are part of the clinical research of gene therapy called COVID-19 vaccines should not donate blood.

This is a easy to understand summary of what we know about so called COVID-19 vaccines. I update the reference section frequently.

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