There have been numerous reports in the last year of otherwise healthy people suffering from heart attacks, blood clotting disorders, or just sudden adult death syndrome (SADS). The media and government scientists have presented a number of explanations for the dramatic drop in health and increase in death rate on a global scale, particularly in the Western world. The following are the most common reasons for heart attacks, blood clot difficulties, and sudden adult death syndrome:

1. Being in contact with the soil.

2. Being overly healthy.

3. Being single.

4. Being in relationship.

5. Climate change.

6. Born male.

7. Born female

8. Drinking dihydrogen monoxide.

9. Eating.

10. Sleeping in a bed.

11. Heatwave.

12. Drinking tea.

13 to 100 in next months news and government $cience reports.

101. An experimental medical product that alters cell homeostasis.

A protocol how to fix the damage.

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