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Sudden death of celebrities, young, and healthy athletes dropping like flies from DDT, suddenly dead politicians, increase of death rate, kids having heart issues…

What is happening? What has changed?

The answer still may surprise some.

What is common between all of them is that they had experimental medical treatments called COVID-19 vaccines.

Vaccines are promoted as the cure of everything. While in the past vaccines helped to halt some infectious diseases by simply using dead or parts of pathogens, now vaccines are going into a direction which has nothing to do with it. These products are actually gene therapies made to change cell biochemistry. The word vaccine isn’t suitable to use.

Data for now shows that these experimental products can’t stop the “spread” (people testing positive) and make people sick actually. What is notable is that are promoted as safe and well tested when that is not true. Making safe medical treatments takes long time so short and long term adverse reactions could be accessed.

Being given to billions of people doesn’t mean that the product is safe!

We will find out how many die and are damaged after many years or may not, since most aren’t even reported. Reporting vaccine adverse reactions by medical doctors is made intentionally difficult so even the ones who aren’t drug dealers and are there to help patients simply won’t do it because they don’t have time.

Unfortunately too many people refuse to accept the truth even when thrown in their faces.

How would someone would want to do it?

History has multiple examples. Check what happened to Jews or check thalidomide which was a widely used drug in the late 1950s and early 1960s for the treatment of nausea in pregnant women. It was promoted as a safe and an efficient drug.
It led to severe birth defects http://thalidomidestories.com/

Now medical intervention that changes cell homeostasis and was never tested on humans before, is given even to pregnant women and kids. Animal tests were stopped because animals were dying.

Again same intervention is promoted as safe and efficient. It is the most promoted product on Earth! People are coerced to take it!

Changes at the cellular level could lead to unimaginable adverse reactions which may show immediately or years after the inoculation. As strong and healthy is the person as sooner is shown. It is simple biology. These people have stronger immune system which wants to eliminate the invaders – now in their own cells. We already see the result: healthy people dropping like flies, the increase of the death rate of young people and miscarriages in the most inoculated countries !!!

An interesting video about the nanoparticles in the Pfizer gene therapy product appeared on GETTR. Just watch it and share it.


It is done for profit and control. Diseases are a big business. Technology advancement helped to cure and prevent many diseases. Only way to profit is to make people sick.

Sick and contained in their tinny homes people with restricted human rights are easy to manipulate! I will say it again: We are the animals; the cattle! We are fed bad food, we are marked, we are restricted to move freely.

Dears, history is to learn not to repeat!

Since the information about so called COVID-19 vaccines is a lot and not easy to share and understand I made flashcards for you. Download and share. It is lots of expert work. I am the owner of the flashcards, so if you want to use them on your website please contact me via angelovalidiya@genuineprospect.com

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