The Curious Case Of My Return To Twitter

It looked as a normal day. I chatted with my pals on Telegram, and posted on Gettr and Facebook about what I thought was important. Just as I was going to start writing, I spotted another email from Twitter support. I was about to delete it because I expected the same response: my account has been permanently suspended. To my surprise, I was allowed to return, and Twitter even apologized.

I went on Twitter and was able to tweet, which shocked me.

People tweeted, “We missed you, and welcome back.” It was and still is unreal. Some even stated that they were thinking about me. Twitter erased me, but it couldn’t erase me from people’s minds. It’s strange since the same day, I was thinking of quitting because I am exhausted and wondered if it really mattered! I take that as a sign that I should keep going no matter what.

What bothers me is that a wrong word or a link may throw me in jail again.

I’m freed, yet not free to express my thoughts.

Is this a test? I have no idea.

I want everyone who reads this to know that I will not give up until I am alive. If I disappear, I’ll be found on other channels. I’ll blog and post on Substack, Telegram, and Gettr. Follow to my blog, Telegram, and my Gettr account. Subscribe for my substack newsletter. I don’t care about emails and will never sell your information.

I did a lot of things, so have a look at the most important ones and spread the word.

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