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The European energy problem is fabricated. It is obvious to anyone with a little brain. People who have worked their entire lives, including the elderly and the sick, are suddenly left in the cold. Like this German lady.

Hello, my name is Rita Falk. I am 62 years old. I’ve worked my whole life and made money. Now I don’t know how to pay my gas bills this winter. How can that be?

After a long working life, I would never have expected to find myself in such a situation, but I can no longer keep up with the rapidly increasing prices. So I will stop using gas from November 1st. It’s amazing how far things have come in this country.

There is simply no reason to charge such prices! Putin didn’t raise the gas prices that much, the German energy companies are doing it on their own. It’s a good opportunity to make a real profit. This is price usury! And not with luxury goods, but with essential things. Wasn’t there a law against it?

No, I’m neither right-wing nor an AfD voter – I never will be. I’m a completely normal German, politically interested and educated, more green-social. But things can’t go on the way they are.” Source:

Yes, it is not because of Putin. Back in 2010, he even warned the Germans that they should not rely on Russia and develop their nuclear power sector. Instead, they eradicated all energy self – sufficiency.

The situation is similar throughout Western Europe. The EU as well, encouraged countries like Bulgaria to shut down fully functional nuclear facilities. Bulgaria is now resisting, but costs are skyrocketing… It is because, once again, they are made up. All energy-supply companies make a great amount of money. I’m sure many politicians as well. Russian gas still reaches Europe, but at a much higher cost (of course). It might be part of a plan, but that is irrelevant.

The nuclear energy is the most environmentally friendly and efficient option so far. While oil and coal are not environmentally friendly, there are solutions that can reduce their impact. So-called green energy sources such as solar and wind power are inefficient and environmentally unfriendly. As someone who has done research on how to clean up the environment using bioremediation, I can state that. Bioremediation is a technique used by the ancient Romans, however it is now virtually ignored.Take a look at my explanation.

Politicians like EU President Ursula von der Leyen, who behaves like an authoritarian dictator of the EU, even go so far as to say that “there is a global scarcity of energy.” To state such an obvious lie, they believe they can do anything to us. You can read the entire bizarre speech here:

Once more, she is not alone.

Social unrest doesn’t make gas cheaper.”
~former President of the Bundestag, Wolfgang Schäuble, 2022

Does this sound familiar?

Demonstrations don’t bring you freedom!”
~ Erich Honecker, German communist who led the German Democratic Republic from 1971 until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989

So much of our money were wasted on fueling the farce of the last two years and the crisis in Ukraine, rather than strengthening the energy sector, investing in bioremediation, and assisting ordinary Europeans who have been forced to stay in the dark and cold.

Deborah’s tweet is spot on!

And what do the poor Europeans do? They stay in the dark and cold!!!

My question to my fellow Europeans is: Is this the right way to stop it? Are you a farm animal?

I suggest a simple solution. Translate Deborah’s tweet and distribute as leaflets. Get together and find the people responsible for the problem. I am opposed to violence. Simply go to their offices and inform them that they are no longer employed by you. Yes, as a taxpayer, you are their boss! Find representatives to deal with energy companies. Negotiate reasonable pricing. Your fate is in your own hands. You are not a cattle!

Remember this!

The government has no authority. Government exists solely to serve us. When government acts like authority instead providing service, then it is an authoritarian regime. Definition of authoritarian regime: demanding or enforcing stringent submission to authority at the expense of personal freedom.

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