Poetry is what happens when nothing else can.
~ Charles Bukowski

As I told you recently, I started working on a song which explains the COVID-19 situation. Artists are normally on the frontline when there are issues in society but now  they are nowhere to be found despite being severely affected by unlawful and unsupported by facts COVID-19 measures. So here is.

Hope you like it.  Voice is mine too. I am not a poet nor a singer, but that doesn’t matter. 


Viruses mutate. It’s what they do. Stop listening to the government, they don’t care about you!

Corona likes cats so you too. If you aren’t dead by now I doubt that will kill you.

Nature is based on balance but humans like drama!!! Phew….Ask the local bar to open and get a drink. NO! better two!

Virus needs a host. That IS you! If the virus kills you that means it is the end of IT too.

There are 4 other coronas who are from a long time with you. They help to not get sick by COVID so all is good ask the bar to open and get a drink. NO! Better TWO!

You heard of herd immunity but what does it mean to you? The virus has (been on a global trip) out since early 19, it means you are safe. Ask the bar to open and get a drink. NO! Better TWO!!

Vaccines are still in the test stage so if you get one you are a lab rat too. Don’t do it, you have immunity. All is good. Open those damn bars and get a drink. NO! Better TWO!

Cancel all mass media and connect with your friends. Hug, kiss and be a living thing. Don’t let yourself be oppressed. Freedom is not for granted so gain it today!

Share my little song and make my day!

Update. I was asked by a follower to sing that.

Well I tested my muse and let’s see how it went:


Police defends government instead you. Tell them that you are the one who pays them and should be on the street together with you….

Update based on it:

You got vaccine to test positive so government can abuse more of you…” (audio later).

*Listen/read/share, but don’t copy/paste. Please let me know if you want to copy and use it on your website/blog.

**Yes, this poem is based on scientific evidence so here are the references.