Who is COVID-19 expert?

An expert is someone with vast knowledge in a certain subject.

COVID-19 is the only thing world cares about. Many people jumped on the bandwagon and started making claims and talking like they know everything about it i.e. like they are experts. Truth is that most of the people who are on media and talk about COVID-19 aren’t experts.

How to spot a real COVID-19 expert?

An expert in COVID-19 should have hands-on experience with respiratory viruses, and suitable education as a masters degree in biology or biological sciences and or PhD in microbiology. It could be a medical doctor who works with infectious diseases. This is a person who investigated nature of viruses and nature by itself. Experts are careful in claims and check twice. When making a mistake they admit it. Experts aren’t afraid of questions, but the opposite like to be asked because this challenges their own knowledge.

How to spot a fake COVID-19 expert

  1. A fake COVID-19 expert doesn’t have the education, and experience mentioned above.
  2. Uses complicated terminology and wrong sources. Can’t explain the topic in layman’s terms when asked. 

How to spot experts funded by companies or organisations which earn money by prolonging COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. They promote the pandemic without showing evidence.
  2. They ignore scientific evidence that the pandemic has ended.

Keep in mind! Journalists aren’t experts. If making a claim they should show legitimate source. Epidemiologists or mathematicians aren’t experts in COVID-19 since the virus which cases the disease isn’t a sequence or number but part of the nature, and also because the data about COVID-19 is unreliable.

I will help you find truth by yourself by explaining how to be able to read science articles without being bored and confused. Also since science of COVID-19 is mostly low quality how to spot good or bad science article. 

3 thoughts on “Who is COVID-19 expert?

  1. What is your opinion on Dr Sucharet Bhakti and Dr Yeadon?
    Are their concerns warranted ?
    Regarding mRNA vaccines and using PCR tests as a diagnostic tool as it is highly sensitive? And do you believe the pandemic is over?


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