Governments are only service providers. We regularly pay half of our salaries for these services, despite the fact that no one asks us if we want to. We never receive detailed bills, and our requests for these are denied. Governments use our money on things that aren’t in our best interests, such as wars, or they strike arrangements with corporations to use us as test subjects. Governments consistently distort the truth and act as if they are our owners while claiming that we are free and this is democracy. I’ll explain what true democracy is soon. The thing is, I’m not sure if people want it.; If people want to be liberated! The video below demonstrates it well.

The video also demonstrates how easily we can be repressed if we speak against the system and how easily we can be controlled by any imaginary fear. Take note that we are crushed not by the system, but by our own fellow commoners who just want to stay slaves. In my book What Happened, which I want to finish and publish one day, I wrote about the use of fear as a weapon during the communism. You can read it for free right here.

It is sad that, those who speak up and try to help the oppressed face ignorance. Happened to me with my Twitter jailing. Despite that, I am one of the first to warn about what is truly going to happen after 2020. Despite the fact that I was and continue to be the only one who warns about the dangers of contaminated blood, I received no support from those I helped. There was no #ReturnLidiyaAngelova @angelovalidiya on Twitter. There were no media stories about me.

I was let back on Twitter after continuously asking why I was barred, and it finally worked one day. I was able to come back not because anyone helped me but because I persisted. I can’t post everything I want, but I can still reach my over 22K audience. During my twitter jail time, I expanded my other networks and my substack page which now includes Sunday Weekly Review of what happened in the world the past week

I founded HumansNetwork which is a place where people may connect via their personal stories.

I laid the groundwork for a route out of the situation with the Genuine Science Platform, which I am unable to bankroll because I am barely able to make my payments for this blog. I’m still thinking about how to get the money. Unlike in the past, wealthy people are not interested in such projects, despite the fact that such benefit everyone.

Some of you may be unaware, but I had my professional influential LinkedIn account deactivated in August 2020 for questioning the World Health Organization about why they were suggesting measures without any science or fact-based proof. It was ordered by Mike Ryan, a high-ranking WHO official who personally checked my account. I could see it on LinkedIn.

It was done on purpose. It was a warning! When I mentioned it on LinkedIn, people urged me to be cautious when crossing streets. Although I’m still alive, I lost access to my LinkedIn shortly after that. My LinkedIn work blog and my personal information are inaccessible to me.

I’ve also had strange police visits, as if they wanted to know if I was living here.

I didn’t give up. In order to continue working and sharing my expertise, I started this blog GenuineProspect that is censored yet has 200 K visits since was created.

Now, when the truth finally reaches the masses, as a result of people like me who did not give up and persevered, I am once again ignored, and people are in awe of fake heroes who pushed the product and continue to support the narrative. They have a good life with the bloody money, while I am trying not to freeze while writing it! I’m supported by the same few people who, understandably, cannot afford much. The rest use my work but are unwilling to spend a few bucks a month to support it! I’m starting to feel like Samuel from the video. Should I sacrifice myself for people who would rather be slaves?

Written in 2020.