Children rarely get infected by SARS-CoV-2 but yet there is a talk about injecting them with the vaccines. This is strange because vaccines for children or any new medical treatment can be tested after all clinical research investigations on adults have finished. This as you know or if you don’t, can read here, will be done in 2023.

For my surprise the Pediatric Committee (PDCO) of the European Medicines Agency approved testing of COVID-19 vaccines on children. Yes,  pharma companies can legally test on kids experimental medical treatments despite this is breaking all ethical principles of clinical research. This is against the European commission own Directive 2001/20/EC: “Because of the special protection they deserve, children should not be the subject of clinical trials when the research can be done in legally competent subjects (i.e. adults capable of informed consent).”

Reminderchildren’s death rate from COVID-19 even with biased tests is zero. They rarely get the disease. There is no benefit for them. Adults’ clinical tests are in early clinical trial stage.

The question is why Paediatric Committee (PDCO) is the European Medicines Agency could approve tests of experimental treatment for preventing disease which children don’t suffer from or spread?

What kind of people work there? 

Is this all about money?

Doesn’t matter what is the reason, this is not right! We should stand up for our kids and our future!

If you think that is only in the European Union. You are wrong. The test on children already started in America.

Tests with this vaccine

Update April, 5, 2021. Now they came for the children!!


Updated on April 18 2021

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