I already explained what is RT- PCR and why cannot detect SARS-CoV-2 or any other virus. Take a look again:


Here is an explanation of why RT-PCR test it isn’t suitable for mass use.

The main problem with mass use of a sensitive test is that it can be contaminated rather easy. Since the technique is specific and only few people are familiar with it, test companies hire people who have little or even no training to do the sampling and testing. Keep in mind that RT-PCR can detect even one RNA molecule. It means that every step from taking the sample to performing the test must be in a sterile environment to avoid contamination. That obviously isn’t possible. 

Tests could be contaminated by viral RNA from the handler’s breath even when using a mask. Medical grade masks were never tested on SARS-CoV-2 and don’t have 100% protection for the tested viruses anyways so it is quite possible. Remember one molecule and you have a positive test.

DNA which is practically everywhere can affect the sample sensitivity too. While DNA isn’t examined, it may interfere with the result.


The conclusion is clear: RT- PCR test isn’t suitable for what mass use, yet is a requirement even for a hospital stay. If someone tests positive despite clearly not sick he or she is treated as COVID-19 which could have deadly consequences.

Mass use of unreliable tests leads to keeping the vicious circle:

tests-cases-tests-vaccines-more cases-tests..

*Note about vaccines – according to current knowledge vaccines don’t stop the spread of the virus and sometimes people test positive after vaccination. In 2023 we have the results of clinical trials show and know for sure. 

**As you know from my previous blogs healthy people who test positive don’t transmit SARS-CoV-2.

While not about RT-PCR, I want to bring to your attention a notable recent article about the rapid tests. Keep in mind that these test are promoted as self-testing yet they create false positive results even when performed by medical professionals.

https://www.focus.de/gesundheit/coronavirus/corona-infizierte-fruehzeitig-erkennen-statistikerin-positive-schnelltests-sind-meist-falsch-selbst-wenn-sie-medizin-personal-durchfuehrt_id_13061305.html – in German, use online translator

While finding the people who are infectious is important using tests which create way too many false positive results, and even worse – create a pandemic which doesn’t exists is dangerous! It is clearly fueled by the easy money making but in the same time ruins, and costs millions of lives, and creates one of the worst crisis of our civilization.

"And I see more and more clearly that our world will perish from its greed. ”
- Dimitar Dimov, Tobacco