In my post about vaccination in care homes, I used the definition lab rats to explain what is going on there. It is because what happened there is what happens in animal test laboratory. Isolated population in similar age. No medical checks. Medical treatment was applied by force. 
The response after posting it on social media was huge. People told me that they actually thought the same and witnessed similar events in care homes all over the world. People are pushed to get COVID-19 vaccines without being clearly told that in fact they participate in clinical research. 

I asked if someone can send me consent forms since looking for such online didn’t give much of results. Of course nothing can be hidden despite that there is a big effort to happen and a big reason – money.
Find the consent forms for Pfizer and Moderna at the bottom.
Pay attention: “There is no FDA‑approved vaccine to prevent COVID‑19!”
There is not much information about adverse effects, death or interactions with other medications. Note there isn’t even information about interactions with other vaccines.People are administered different COVID-19 vaccines and already approved ones. 
I also have some information from Bulgaria which is in the European Union so should be the same in the rest of the EU countries. The consent form of AstraZeneca’s vaccine: no tests for cancerogenesis, genotoxicity and reproductive system toxicity; no information about interactions with medical treatments.

What is notable from all forms! The vague language which is difficult to understand by person with no knowledge on the topic. 
For example is the person covered by medical insurance in case of an adverse effect? – Maybe. 
How much personal information would be sent to the pharma company? – Not a clear answer. 
My post about what happens in the care homes and all information which I collected can lead to one and only conclusion.
We are participating in the largest clinical trial of human history, but we aren’t told about it.
We are lab rats! Are we going to accept it just like it? We don’t know what are those vaccines. We aren’t talking about just a part of the virus which would create an immune response. This is a genetic experiment. We don’t know how it will affect us. The effects could show after a generation. 
Share the information. Share my blog. You can share the forms if you want. I can send them in better quality. They aren’t mine but given by a twitter follower who wants to remain anonymous.
Speak up. Ask questions. 
It is getting tight since the vaccine passports are in brink of approval. Israel is applying restrictions for the people who don’t get the experimental treatment including kids. Again all COVID-19 vaccines are unproven medical treatments. We don’t know if they work. We don’t know what they do to our bodies. Also, some of the people receive the placebo. 

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