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The COVID-19 measures (not the pandemic) are and will kill millions of people, but there is also significant collateral damage in the form of increased pollution and the extinction of wildlife.

Conservation organization OceansAsia reported that 1.56 billion face masks went into the ocean since the start of COVID-19 measures. A disposable mask needs about 450 years to biodegrade. Million masks = tons of polluted soil, and water. Another strain on nature is the growing use of plastic, gloves, syringes, and vials for the gene products. Wildlife mistakenly views masks and gloves as food. Animals die from poisoning or suffocation because masks, in particular, contain hazardous substances.

Although it is a problem that requires immediate solutions, neither the government nor the media have spoken about it.

What can we do to reduce and reverse the burden?

1. According to science, there was never a pandemic. We should not wear masks and getting shots. We should put pressure on governments to listen to science.

2. Address the pollution problem.

While physical cleaning is done on occasion, the amount of pollution is just too large and requires more complex solutions.

It is possible through bioremediation -a technology that uses microbes and plants to clean up the environment (known even by the ancient Romans). I can promise you that it is pretty simple and efficient because I did it myself (during my master’s degree). Of course, it costs a lot of money to implement on a large scale. Limitation! Governments do not subsidize these kind of businesses since obtaining government assistance requires a powerful politician to push on your behalf. Obtaining a powerful politician to lobby for your company costs money. Companies offering sustainable solutions do not have that kind of capital. Investments should be directed toward bioremediation, the development of truly efficient sustainable energy sources (no, electric car batteries are not among them), and the development of petroleum product substitutes. Instead, all funds are directed toward medicine and climate change, which is predicted by the same math models that were used to create the bogus COVID-19 pandemic.

Because subsidies are paid for with our money, our responsibility is to persuade governments to use them for our benefit.

Speak up. Keep in mind that you pay the government to serve you! If you’re not happy, request a refund.

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