Pollution – another collateral damage of COVID- measures.

COVID-19 measures (not the pandemic) are killing and will kill millions, but there is another big collateral damage from it – extra pollution and killing wildlife.

Conservation organization OceansAsia reported that 1.56 billion face masks went into the ocean since the start of COVID-19 measures. A disposable mask needs about 450 years to biodegrade. Million masks = tons of polluted soil, and water. Increased use of plastic, gloves, syringes and vials for vaccines are another burden our nature needs to deal with as well. Masks and gloves are mistaken as food by wildlife. Animals die from suffocation or poisoning since masks especially contain harmful chemicals. 

There is no word about it by the government and media yet it is an issue which needs urgent solutions.

What we could do to decrease and reverse the burden?

1. Pandemic according to science has ended. We should not wear masks and get vaccines. We should force governments to listen to science.

2. Fix the pollution problem.

While physical removal is done here and there the scale of pollution is way too big and needs more sophisticated solving.  

It can happen by bioremediation – a technology which uses microorganisms and plants to clean up the environment (known even by the ancient Romans). Since I have done it by my own hands (during my masters degree), I can assure you that it is quite simple and efficient. Of course it takes lots of money to be applied on a mass scale. Drawback! These kinds of companies aren’t subsidized by governments, because to get help from the government you need a powerful politician to lobby for your business. Getting a powerful politician who would lobby for your business costs money. Sustainable solution companies don’t have that amount of money. Investments should be used to apply bioremediation, create real efficient sustainable energy sources (no, electric cars batteries aren’t), and petroleum products replacements. Instead it, all money goes to pharma, and climate change which is predicted by the same math models which are used for the fake COVID-19 pandemic.

Since subitizing comes from our money our role is to make governments use them for our needs.

Speak up. Organise. Remember you pay the government to do work for you! Ask your money back when not satisfied.

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