Tests for the novel coronavirus are widely promoted as way to control COVID-19. What exactly are the tests and what the results from the tests mean. My review will give you all answers.

First, it is important to know that testing positive for coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) by mass used tests doesn’t mean sick, case or infection. None of the tests can tell if someone is sick i.e. has the disease COVID-19. All tests have only emergency use authorization which means coronavirus tests as the vaccines aren’t validated by a government agency.

Types of tests.

PCR test.

It is the most common test used as gold standard despite proven to be unreliable and designed by flawed science study. You may know what the PCR test is from my previous articles, but here is a brief explanation again: RT-PCR or more commonly known as just PCR test is a technique used to detect part of viral RNA. This test is proven to give false positive results and it is unreliable but most importantly cannot tell if you have a virus.

Antibody test.

This kind of test shows if you have antibodies against the virus. It could be used as a proof that you are already immune to coronavirus but could react to the other four common cold coronaviruses (cross-reactivity). Antibody test cannot tell if you currently have a virus. This test as the PCR should not be used to put someone in quarantine.

Rapid antigen test.

The test shows if you have an antigen against a protein from the virus. The problem with this test is that 50% of the positive results are false. Tests are promoted as good to be taken by everyone including kids. Because of the many false positive results rapid antigen test cannot be considered as reliable test. This is currently most promoted test for school and workplace but the high percentage of false results would lead only to locking healthy people and children.

You can read more from the links at the end if interested but next question is “How do we test for the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)? “

There is a way – by cultivating samples from the saliva in cell cultures. That kind of test is time consuming but the only way to prove a viable virus. Again viable virus without symtoms doesn’t mean COVID-19. In this case the person can stay at home for a few days just in case and if no symtoms must be okay to go back to her or his normal life.

The biggest problem with all available COVID-19 tests is that despite proven unreliable are mass used on healthy people. These healthy people when test positive are treated like vermin and their basic human rights denied. Now it is even more sinister since in many countries tests are required to even go to school or work. People who test positive and die are counted as COVID-19 death even when died from an alternative cause. Check the flowing examples from Germany and America. Note that health authorities know that is wrong but still doing!

Why then the World Health Organization and governments are pushing testing of healthy people?

Here is the answer: COVID-10 pandemic is a big business. Tests create enormous profit. As more false positive results as better because if more people test positive there would be a need for more tests. Also, tests create a market for vaccines. 

The only way to oppose it to refuse testing and request evidence that tests are needed. Request information which proves that the test can tell if you are sick (none can). Also speak about it. When somewhere is mentioned case or infection (on social media or conversation) – ask why when a positive test is neither. Request the real number of sick and dead from COVID-19!

We are alone in this! Regular people vs corporations which bought governments and the World Health Organization. The only way to get out of this is to speak up! Share my blog posts widely. Print if you want. No worries about my copy rights since well, soon I and the rest of the commoners like me won’t have the right even to breathe fresh air.

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FDA guidance about coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) tests. Read carefully. No word about validation. All up to the private companies. https://www.fda.gov/regulatory-information/search-fda-guidance-documents/policy-coronavirus-disease-2019-tests-during-public-health-emergency-revised