We live in the dystopian world of the new abnormal. Some people may not ever notice it so I made a list of the most abnormal things of our times

-> People brag that are lab rats.

-> People get angry because other people don’t want to be lab rats.

-> People openly state that won’t accept non-lab rats or non-tested over holidays.

-> People post their tests on social media.

-> People complain because they got the shot of freedom but are tested and denied travel.

-> People think that wearing a mask can help decrease positive tests.

-> People (still) believe that government and celebrities care about them.

-> People think that positive test means that are sick when they feel absolutely fine.

->People think that doctors and scientists on TV are real experts.

-> People put masks on their pets.

-> People trust that media will provide them with unbiased information.

-> People think that healthcare professionals care about them, not the money.

-> People brag that are abusing their kids.


-> Police is abusing seniors and mothers with children.

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