There’s a lot going on in the world.

-> Read this article.

Stop being a fool because the folks in the media and government just do not care about you. Love and help all of your fellow human brothers and sisters, not just the Ukrainians. The conflict there is aimed to divert your attention away from the fact that increasing amounts of data show how hazardous the gene products that circulate in the blood of the majority of people in the Western world are. Read the references in the flashcards about it (I need to add many more).

That isn’t everything. The gene products circulate in the bloodstreams of those who did not receive it. Yes, it really is that horrible!

-> So the sanctions imposed on Russia are intended to divert your attention, making you depressed and easy to control, while also generating fuel and food shortages. Stop believing the propaganda and push your government to end the sanctions, stop the pandemic nonsense and start working for you. If they don’t, you simply do not have to pay them, i.e. taxes.

Are you a slave or a free human?

-> Still not convinced?! Read the following.

-> Yes, the owners of the World Health Organization and the governments are preparing to take control over your health and data on a global level. Until recently, it was indirect. It was up to local governments to determine whether or not to follow the recommendations. After the agreement is signed, we are done.

->If you are European Union citizen inform Brussels officials who are living at large with your money that the Green Certificate made them illegitimate. They even want it to be extended until 2023. Without freedom of movement, the European Union does not exist! Here’s what you should tell them: You can make it via this website but also you can contact your country representatives by email.

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