Are The Russians Humans Too?

Boycott anything Russian is the newest woke dumb motto. The fake pandemic is no longer on the top pages; now, Russia is the virus, i.e. evil; boycott anything from Russia, and Russia will strike you with nuclear weapons. It’s strange since America has done and continues to do heinous things in Africa and Asia, but you won’t hear anything about boycotting America and the Americans.

People who boycott Russia are actually making ordinary Russians’ lives more difficult. Russians, who are human beings like us, are unable to go abroad, make foreign bank transfers, or sell their products.

Did they start the Ukrainian conflict? NO! It began with American foreign policy, which perceives the United Europe as danger. The United Europe, including Russia and Turkey, is far too powerful let’s make Europeans hate one another. It is quite simple, and America has extensive experience with it. And now, after the despair of the fake pandemic, is the ideal time to launch a war. Making wars is simple; regulars get poorer and more frustrated, making them easier to control.

Uncle Schwab and his allies control the World Economic Forum, which controls Biden, Zelensky, Putin, and the rest of the politicians.

Sorry, not sorry, but there is no such thing as a good side in politics; they all work against us.

But let us go back to the ordinary Russians.

Did they do anything to do harm to other countries, like America did in the past? *Of course, it’s America, not Americans! Why can’t Russia do the same as America? Is it because the America only bombs nonwhite countries?

“Ukrainians are white, look like us, and are educated and bright”.

Those aren’t my words. It’s what the woke media says, revealing how openly racist racists are they.

Are you aware that the Ukrainian government has done awful things to ordinary people, such as killing children on their mothers’ arms, burning people alive, bombing residential neighborhoods, and so on, while also denying the rights of the individuals of non-Ukrainian origin? NO?!

Check this:

And that: The whole truth about the crimes of Ukraine in Donbass “(+18) – 24 (

And that:

What about this? Pandora Papers Reveal Offshore Holdings of Ukrainian President and his Inner Circle – OCCRP

By the way while Europeans struggle with getting fuel since the European Union imposed sanctions against Russia, America is buying the Russian oil and sells it to Europe.
NEW – Los Angeles and San Francisco officially hit $5 a gallon for gas this morning.
The U.S. continues to buy more than 500,000 barrels of Russian oil each day.
… it‘s only forbidden to other countries like Germany to buy russian oil/gaz, they shall buy oil/gaz for up to 20 times more from US, while US is reselling the Russian gaz and oil and making the money of its life!
That’s science!… Yhmm… Nope, sanctions! Best way to cheat the allies!


Yes, politicians commit atrocities, and some ordinary citizens just follow their orders. Are the Are the Ukrainians or the Russians the bad guys? The answer is: none. They are all just exploited, and they all suffer as a result (well, all EU citizens too). By asking people to boycott Russia and displaying the Ukrainian flag, you are not helping to stop the war. It will “end” when the World Economic Forum’s overlords decide. Now you simply contribute to the suffering of ordinary Russians – Russians who, like you, are human beings who have done nothing wrong to you! I’m sure some of them are your neighbors and friends. Your kids play with Russian kids. Are you avoiding them today because your government and the media told you to? Do you still believe that’s okay after reading and watching the above?

Are the Russians human beings or not?

It was posted on my Telegram channel by me. Yes, I saw that on a Facebook expat group, but don’t have right to do screenshots of private group and also is unethical. I’m sure this isn’t an isolated case.

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Love, Lidiya

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