I’m 47 years old today. I feel like I was 27 only yesterday. I was in France at the time, looking forward to returning home. I didn’t enjoy it there, despite the fact that I can’t explain why today.
Moving to another country 20 years later is nothing new to me: America, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany… I learned a lot about the world and myself. I’m still learning. Sometimes negative things would overwhelm me and make me dislike the world. So many people are nothing more than parasites. However, I recently decided to ignore this and create the world what I want it to be. What matters is that it be helpful to others. We need this good energy to keep the balance.
Something that happened to me recently reminded me of it. We took some stuff from senior neighbors who are downsizing. They had great things that are old but yet look nicer than the rubbish sold nowadays. We bought what we needed at a minimal price, but the lady noticed that I really liked an antique desk. I didn’t need it because I already have a desk, just I told her how nice it is and how much I like it. She said I could take it and the chair for a few euros. I accepted it because I rarely buy things I don’t need, and my birthday was just around the corner. That made her very happy. Perhaps she wanted it to be with someone who will appreciate it rather than just use it. That old german lady was simply a stranger I just met, yet somehow she felt what I want. She and her husband advised us on how to move the furniture. It wasn’t a pushy “you’re too young and know nothing” advise, but rather a playful “why don’t you try this way”. They even told us to come over and talk to them if we see them on the street.
It made me think that how old we are and where we come from doesn’t matter. Some humans still can feel other humans. We can find people who prefer to give rather than receive. People who like this way of life. When things go hard, I’ll remember this. I’m not going to let bitterness rule my life. Maybe there aren’t many good people, but they exist, and I will be one of them.

Love, Lidiya