In April 2021, I asked my Twitter followers if there was anything I hadn’t covered about COVID-19. One of the followers tweeted: “What about blood donation? Do you know if vaccinated people can donate?” Of course, I, like many others, assumed that it was unlikely, but I decided to check. I looked at the blood donation websites of various countries. Everything was the same: people who receive so-called COVID-19 vaccines could often donate blood right awayI emailed blood donation services, asking if the blood is tested and separated so that people could choose between clean and contaminated blood. The response was the same: NO. Blood donors who have received the so-called COVID-19 vaccines are eligible to donate blood, and the blood is not labelled in any way. It raises many concerns because using blood from people who participate in clinical research or who receive an experimental product is simply unethical. The recipients of blood donors did not consent to participate in clinical research. Yet it is done! People have no idea they are receiving such blood.

Furthermore, 70% of the world’s population has the the product. That means 70% of the blood supply is contaminated.

But why can’t we choose to receive blood we want?

Health officials respond that the product (COVID-19 vaccine, mRNA or spike protein) does not enter the bloodstream… The truth is that, they had no idea (until recently). They simply guessed. So people’s lives were ruined simply because doctors said so….

Carl Sagan said something that nicely sums up why the answer isn’t acceptable: “Absence of evidence does not mean evidence of absence!”

And, in the end, this is proven to be correct. Recent scientific studies have revealed that the product enters the bloodstream and contains not only antibodies and mRNA, but also the toxic spike protein, lots of it!!!! (references of these studies at the end).

That’s not all!

So called COVID-19 vaccines have been linked to the production of misfolded proteins, also known as prions. It poses an additional risk because they can enter the bloodstream and spread from one person to another via blood! This information, in contrast to the spike protein data, was well known prior to the vaccine mass rollout and was the subject of a scientific report.

  1. mRNA from so called vaccines may induce proteins to fold into pathologic prion conformations.
  2. Spike produced by so called vaccines can lead to production of misfolded proteins.
  3. Since cells cannot always produce that foreign protein, it leads to production of “wrong” proteins or misfolded proteins. A simplified explanation will be posted here soon.
  4. Another problem with the spike protein is the presence of prion-like domains. There is a possibility of prion-induced diseases in the case of artificially induced storms of such proteins.

A brief explanation of protein misfolding disorders. “Protein misfolding disorders or proteinopathies appear, at the clinical level, to be a diverse group of disorders encompassing many diseases, from late-onset neurodegenerative disorders through to forms of heart failure. These conditions are unified by the common feature of accumulation of misfolded proteins.”

The good news is that people are finally waking up….

They say that better be late than never but it’s a total disaster which has an impact on billions of people!

Yet, the media and governments continue to promote so-called COVID-19 vaccines and claim that there is nothing wrong with the blood. They call all that evidence misinformation!

  • People who participate in clinical research are allowed to donate blood? Is this misinformation?
  • We had no idea until recently if any part of the COVID-19 vaccines or spike protein circulated in the blood. It was a brand-new product which had only been tested on animals that died, which should be a red flag anyways. Is this misinformation?
  • People were assured that COVID-19 vaccines do not enter the bloodstream and are completely safe. Again, “Absence of evidence does not mean evidence of absence!Is this misinformation?
  • Now we know that the toxic spike protein goes into the bloodstream. Is this misinformation?
  • COVID-19 vaccines produce prions, which enter the bloodstream and can be passed on to recipients via blood donation. There was evidence of this long before the widespread use of so-called vaccines. Is this misinformation?

If the government, the media, or paid propaganda scientists say BLOOD IS SAFE! Show them this article with the links of the scientific studies (I always provide links). Show them this and ask to acknowledge that “if anyone is hurt or killed as a result of their claims, they will be held accountable!

There’s even more good news!

Thanks to my followers and supporters many people heard about my work on the blood contamination issue from 2021 and so on. So despite the lack of media and anti-narrative celebrity coverage it lead to something good. There are already companies that want to meet the demand and organize clean blood donations.They also work to connect with qualified medical professionals and hospitals that are willing to perform the procedure. They established a registry of healthy blood donors. Please note, registeing, may be risky. I’m just warning you; it’s up to you to decide. The thing is that clean blood will soon be more expensive than gold. Every website can be hacked. You are aware that medical kidnapping is happening, and that people are taken away only to wake up without a kidney, for example. When there is a demand, there are good and bad ways to meet it. Many people will be desperate and willing to pay for blood without the consent of the person who has it. People who register there will be vulnerable because there will be a lot of personal information.

What I would recommend is to have clean blood donors nearby, and if you need a lot of blood, schedule surgery in countries where such is freely available due to more open-minded medical doctors and a less injected population, such as my home country Bulgaria, which has only 30% contaminated blood (I am sure it is less since I know my country). Serbia, Ukraine, and Romania have a little more, but less than half. The rest of the world with under 30 % of injected: Afghanistan has 29.4%, Iraq has 28.2%. Also many African countries have less than 30%, including Algeria, Chad, Sudan, Niger, and Burkina Faso. The remaining can be found here:
In case of an emergency, keep a note next to your ID stating that you require special blood from listed relatives or friends due to allergies or religious reasons.
*I’ve heard from people in America that some regular hospitals agree to perform directed blood donation with little fuss. I would advise against stating that you do not want blood from blood banks because of the so-called COVID-19 vaccine. It may make them even less willing to support your decision. Declare that you want directed blood donation for religious reasons. This should be enough. Be firm without explaining yourself!

Share this now with everyone. Don’t copy and paste it into your website, please. I lost all of my job opportunities and need to start again from scratch because I have been warning about the so-called COVID-19 pandemic since the summer of 2020…

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I’ve also already offered a protocol that will help contaminated and please share it.

References to studies on the COVID-19 vaccine and blood

“A recent ultrasensitive single-molecule assay was however able to detect the S-protein in the plasma of some mRNA-1273 COVID-19 vaccines at 15 days following injection [12], while in another study, both mRNA and S-protein could be found in axillary LNs after 60 days [13]. Moreover, extracellular vesicles decorated with S-proteins persist up to 4 months after vaccination with BNT162b2 [14]. This raises the possibility that LNP–mRNA complexes remain in circulation for extended periods of time, retaining their ability to induce S-protein expression in contacted cells.”

“mRNA vaccination stimulates robust GCs containing vaccine mRNA and spike antigen up to 8 weeks postvaccination in some cases. SARS-CoV-2 antibody specificity”

Circulating Spike Protein Detected in Post–COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Myocarditis

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