This post was previously published on my Substack page, but I’m reposting it here to broaden its reach because I can’t find media interested in spreading awareness. This post, like all of mine, is based on the most recent research on the topic. The references are listed at the end.

In case you didn’t know, this blog was the first place to warn about the fact that people who have received so-called COVID-19 vaccines can donate blood.

My research facilitated in the founding of clean blood banks and patient-supporting sources. All of these services are paid, but I haven’t earned a dime from it, and I am never mentioned as the person behind the movement. My career as a science writer was suspended by WHO because I was also one of the first to raise doubts about the so-called COVID-19 pandemic. Why me? Find out by reading this:

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So let’s see what happens with the blood donations and so-called COVID-19 vaccines, and what new information came out.

->People who have received gene product or so called COVID-19 vaccines can donate blood almost immediately and it is the same everywhere. Their blood is not labeled in any way, nor is it tracked whether or not blood donors have the gene product. It means that people who need blood due to accidents or diseases receive blood that, according to science, contains toxic spike proteins, prions, and mRNA from the product. There is evidence that mRNA can reverse-transcribe in DNA. It means that, while the risk is low, the blood recipient may turn to GMO.

->Aside from the fact that this blood contains toxic substances, blood donations from people receiving experimental medical treatments are also unethical.

What you can do to avoid receiving contaminated blood?

->In non-emergency situations, you can have a list of friends who can act as donors and simply call them (directed blood transfusion). You can save your own blood and use it later (autologous blood transfusion), or you can request cell salvage procedure.

->For emergency situations, keep card with information how to the doctors must proceed on hand. It should state that you do not want blood from blood banks. You can get this card from the blog I started to raise awareness about the issue aiming to create clean blood hospitals * English version onlyPlease feel free to download and translate it, but please refrain from putting it on your website without my permission. It is my work!

The medical establishment puts up a major barrier towards using blood donors of choice. When people say: “I don’t want the blood from blood banks”. Healthcare workers almost always say, “It’s not possible,” which is obviously not true. They not only can, but must.

What can you do in such a situation?

In non-emergency situations, remind them of your bodily autonomy right: My body, my choice! You are under no obligation to explain why you do not want blood from blood banks. They cannot deny your right to choose blood donor! If they are too stubborn, look for another service! Some doctors still remember what it means to treat people ethically. NHS (The National Health Service) in England has a policy regarding such situations and can provide blood on request, but you must demand it! Patient advocacy services are desperately needed for such situations. Some organizations offer assistance with the process, but the network is in need of funding and advertising.

There is a reason why hospitals refuse to give patients a choice of blood donors: blood donation is a bloody business. Watch this video to see how bad it is!


So blood donation is a business, and this business will have a new demand for clean blood, because 70% of the world’s population has the gene product (check details about which countries are still clean here). Who has it and who doesn’t is stored in medical databases, which can be easily hacked. It means that if you are clean-blooded, people with a lot of money can find you and take your blood and organs. If you believe that living in the West keeps you safe, you should reconsider and re-watch the video because the so-called Western system is a part of it. They forced the majority of their people to take a dangerous product with the potential to alter their DNA! Trust no one from that system!

How could you protect yourself?

Be really careful, don’t open the door to strangers nor talk to strangers on the street. Never go alone in dark even you are a man.

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