The dreadful year 2022 has come to an end…. People are dropping like flies from DDT, and the media and governments blame everything except so-called COVID vaccines which all dead had.

I predicted it all again, not because I’m a prophet, but simply because I use my brain and knowledge, and I’m not afraid to share what I know.

2022 began with a continued push to inject ourselves with the experimental product or be excluded from society, if not even send to camps. According to the media and government officials, everyone who didn’t get it would be dead by the end of spring of 2022. When we didn’t die, they just kept up the old propaganda. Since the task of injecting the majority of the people were completed, the clean were released back into society. Nonetheless, in some places, such as Germany, the requirement for masks in public transportation has remained to this day.

We got the war in Ukraine because having finally a normal winter was out of the question.

By sending billions of dollars to Ukraine and imposing sanctions on Russia, the West decided to sacrifice all of us. Many people cannot afford to heat their homes.

Of course, there is an abundance of cheap energy!

What happens to the money? Nobody cares. Putin became the bad guy, while Zelensky, the drugged corrupt puppet, became the good guy.

“BlackRock CEO Fink agree to coordinate Ukraine investment. The only way this would be possible, is if the “war” is a scripted theatre show. How can they negotiate investments when the war is not over and they don’t know the full damage yet?”

BlackRock owns Pfizer….. 1+1=2

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We also had more on gender propaganda, which reached insane levels. Men who abuse women are now permitted to enter our former safe spaces, and what do you think they do? Abuse us, but we cannot complain. “Farewell, feminism! Sorry, sisters who fought for equality, but men now take even women’s awards.”

Back on so-called COVID, opposition to the gene product became more vocal around the middle of the year. It was because it was allowed to. I was even let ti back on Twitter, which was nice except that my reach had vanished and had gotten even worse after Elon Musk took over.

There are calls for forgiveness, but how do you forgive people who wanted you dead? Some were simply stupid, while others knew exactly what they were doing. Worst of all, some medical doctors and scientists claim they had no idea. This is simply controlled opposition.

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There has yet to be a word from any of the famous media darlings activists about blood contamination, but people are becoming aware…. It’s far too late for far too many people, including babies.

Science is rapidly deteriorating. The “cure” for it is here, but it needs your help like donating to get it started.


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I truly hope that people realize that none of the celebrities or politicians care about us and that we should discard the culprit system and create a system that works for us. I and a few others are here to help.

What will happen in 2023 is entirely up to us!