I know that it may cost my life so please copy & share everywhere. We don’t have the power of money but we have the power of the brain to change the current world situation which is practically a medical tyranny. We are like TVs with signals – yes we still have the old forgotten brainwaves. We don’t need media or social media to change the minds of unawakened. We don’t need to talk.  When we are in public space we just need to think about what’s wrong with the situation. Simple clear words. Here are examples. I am sure that you can come with better ones. Translate in your own language of course!

Masks aren’t helping to stop the spread of the virus.

People don’t die from COVID-19 but medical malpractice.

Politicians are lying.

COVID-19 is a common cold.

There is no need to be isolated.

Vaccines aren’t tested.

Vaccines are used to control us.

Pandemic is not based on science.

Lockdowns can’t stop the spread of the virus.

Nobody is dying on the street. Why are we closed?

Do want only power!

Doctors work for pharma.

TV/media is lying to you.

Media is manipulating us.

We are used as lab rats.

Don’t think of all at once. Just repeat one or two of these in your mind when outside. No need to be even in a crowded space. Remember your TV and phones get waves so rest of the brains. Do it even at home since your neighbors can “hear”  too.

We still have the power to change and get our freedom back!


Top photo credit Josh Riemer on Unsplash