Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information is the tool of the dictatorship.

~ Bruce Coville

Here we go again….. I have been blocked on twitter but this time for a week. The post which made me blocked is again about vaccines.

How dare I do share something not glamorizing experimental medical treatments which kill healthy and young people?! Who am I to speak up against the cult of the most influential “doctor” on Earth – of course Bill Gates?!

Social media was a place to share thoughts and speak with people from any part of the world but not anymore. Now the owners of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn want full control over us. They want to control what we share and what we think! Independent research or real science is a big No in the New World Order which they and the World Economic Forum have planned. They don’t censor everyone who speaks up but only the dangerous ones like me. People trust us because we are real experts.

But are we going to let them win?! – Not happening!

People share my work even more. I gained many new followers on twitter while blocked. I am sure that they are aiming to delete me as they did with my dear friend who was one of the first to see the aim of the pandemic measures – Thomas Binder. He moved to telegram and while not having the same publicity he still have influence. Find me there too @genuineprospect. I have Facebook page too which is active but was already censored. As you know I am permanently deleted on LinkedIn.

The important thing is: the seed of truth that the aim of COVID-19 pandemic is to make people dependent on pharma and tech is planted. It is growing fast.

More and more data shows that COVID-19 vaccines compromise immunity. The push of vaccination is because next cold season when everyone gets sick it will let them install more tyrannical measures. If the resistance continues, only the vaccinated will get sick and the balloon will pop! Unfortunately that means many will be dead. The death rate from COVID-19 vaccines for young and healthy is already higher than death rate from COVID-19. That is the price of situations like it. 2021 will be the deadliest year in human history! I wish I am wrong but I am good in predictions if you remember my article about the lockdowns. Well, it will be on top of the deaths of lack of care and suicides.

We must save as many people as we can!

Keep sharing my blog articles.

Keep RT my twitter posts especially when I am blocked.

Keep talking!

We can win!

We are more! 

One bird can’t bring spring but the ocean is made of billions of drops!

Love, Lidiya!

*This blog and Clean Blood Initiative are my only job now. I can’t work as a freelance writer or science communicator, because all media follow the narrative. This is my place where I put my knowledge in use. If you like what I do donate so I can do more. You pay for TV, newspapers and magazines so I am doing their job. Follow my blog in case I am deleted on social media. Tell me how I can help you via letstalk@genuineprospect.com or Telegram.