You can’t take the freedom of a free person!

Just like that, the olden times of “just following orders” became reality again. Police can enter our homes and just like that, can take anything from our homes because we are talking about things government doesn’t like. We are questioning the orders not following them so the just following orders people have right to enter our homes and arrest us. I know that may happen to me too. I am small fish but have big influence and audience. Don’t forget who ordered to delete my LinkedIn account – Dr Mike Ryan from the World Health Organization (read more here). I am already famous. The funny thing is that if police takes my laptop and phone, will find nothing new. I never hid what I think about the situation regarding COVID-19. I never did anything else than giving the other people my expert opinion. If my opinion is a danger for anyone that would be the people who don’t want the truth about what is going on with COVID-19 to be heard. I even offered a solution how to prove that pandemic is a thing.

If I am wrong, why not proving it but instead censoring me and trying to scare me and people like me?

Of course I will make everybody know about it. Also I am not alone. There are many like me. We are more and we are on the right side of the history. We can’t lose.